Manufacturing Excellence with ERP Software

An Introduction to MYOB Advanced for Manufacturers

For manufacturing professionals seeking a game-changing solution, MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is your ultimate tool for success.

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Unleashing Growth and Efficiency

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is a comprehensive ERP suite designed with the needs of the manufacturing industry in mind. It empowers manufacturers to streamline their processes, and drive success in the digital age. Let’s delve into why MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is the key to unlocking your manufacturing potential.

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing seamlessly integrates into your operations to support your manufacturing business. From production and estimating to engineering, material planning, scheduling, and product configuration, it covers all the bases. This means that your manufacturing business can not only survive but thrive.

Here’s why MYOB Advanced Manufacturing stands out:

Easy to Use

One of the biggest advantages of MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is its intuitive user interface. It offers logical manufacturing workflows, simplifying complex processes and making life easier for your team, whether they’re newcomers or seasoned professionals.

Tailored Workflows

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is highly versatile, catering to a variety of manufacturing styles, including make-to-stock, make-to-order, batch processing, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, and project-centric manufacturing.

Seamless Integration

With its open API architecture, MYOB Advanced Manufacturing allows for effortless integration with ecosystem partner solutions. This streamlines your operations and provides a cohesive user experience.


MYOB Advanced Manufacturing offers exceptional value for money, making digitisation more affordable and ensuring a swift return on investment for your business.

Cloud-Native ERP

This is not just another “cloud-enabled” solution; it’s a truly cloud-native ERP. You can securely access your data from any web-based device, from anywhere you work.

Meeting Manufacturing Challenges Head-On

Manufacturing is no stranger to challenges. Supply chain complexities, a lack of visibility into costs and processes, adapting to changing demand, and efficient inventory management are among the primary hurdles. Here’s how MYOB Advanced Manufacturing tackles them:

Simplifying Complex Processes

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing centralizes production details, allowing for effective resource management and informed decision-making. Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Rough Cut Planning (RCP), and Capable to Promise (CTP) features make it easy to meet customer demands and set reliable delivery dates.

Real-Time Insights

Configurable manufacturing dashboards with pre-defined metrics and graphs provide insights into production and engineering activity. This enables faster decision-making and eliminates outdated information.

Cost Control

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing allows you to estimate production costs accurately and track them throughout the process. This empowers you to reduce and control costs at every step, even when configuring unique product solutions using the Product Configurator.

Resource Optimisation

The Production Schedule Board within MYOB Advanced Manufacturing automates production planning, accommodating high-priority customer orders and minimising costly delays.

Integrated Supply Chain

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing improves buying decisions and automates procurement and production plans to ensure you have the right stock in the right place at the right time, avoiding shortages and overstock.

Manufacturing Excellence

When comparing MYOB Advanced Manufacturing with alternatives like NetSuite, Pronto XI, ECi, SAP B1 and SYSPRO, several key factors set it apart:

  • Complex Manufacturing Expertise: MYOB Advanced excels in handling complex manufacturing scenarios, particularly regarding inventory management.
  • Product Configuration: Its product configuration capabilities are second to none, providing your business with greater flexibility.
  • Superior Estimating Features: MYOB Advanced offers superior estimating features, allowing you to make more accurate cost predictions.

In summary, MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is the solution that simplifies the complex, enhances visibility, controls costs, and optimises your manufacturing processes.

So if you’re striving for manufacturing excellence, chances are MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is the clearest path to success. Don’t believe us? Read on to discover a bit about us and then view our interactive demo below. Your business deserves it.

Your Partner for Streamlined Success: BusinessHub

At BusinessHub, we are committed to aiding businesses in streamlining their operations and achieving their financial and growth objectives. Our expertise lies in delivering integrated solutions that span from accounting to logistics, ensuring your business is poised for future success. As an esteemed MYOB Platinum Partner and a three-time Customer Experience Award recipient, we have a proven track record of excellence.

Unparalleled Industry Involvement:

BusinessHub proudly aligns itself with AMTIL as an active member who participates in AMTIL led initiatives and events such as Australian Manufacturing Week held in Melbourne and Sydney. This commitment reflects our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and trends in the manufacturing sector.

A Pioneers in MYOB Advanced:

We stand as pioneers in driving the rapid expansion of MYOB Advanced. With the distinction of delivering the very first MYOB Advanced solution across Australia and New Zealand, we possess a high level of expertise in guiding businesses through this innovative transformation.

Leading by Example:

At BusinessHub, we don’t merely offer, implement, and support MYOB Advanced – we also leverage it internally to streamline our own operations. By incorporating this solution into our processes, we ensure that we continue to grow and excel, enabling us to better serve our clients and drive their success.

Transform Your Business with MYOB Advanced Manufacturing

If you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your business, take the next step by connecting with our dedicated BusinessHub team. Our no-cost, no-obligation consultations are designed to show you how MYOB Advanced Manufacturing will bring about remarkable improvements to your manufactturing business.

Embark on this transformative journey today. You can view our interactive demo right now or schedule a no obligation discovery session right now. Otherwise you can give us a call on 1300 733 071 to start the conversation.


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