Ideal for non-profit organisations like yours

Cloud ERP for non-profit organisations 

The modern NFP and NDIS service provider needs a whole-of-organisation system to connect all parts of their operations.

They need to power their corporate governance framework to handle the complexities of their operating environment whilst staying accountable to stakeholders and focused on their purpose or mission.

Whether your NFP organisation is seeking software to help it deliver timely, accurate and highly segmented financial reports to stakeholders, or manage its internal approval processes.

Not only that, you need full visibility over funding acquittals, resources, service delivery, multi-entity consolidation and budget management.

MYOB Acumatica can provide a scaleable, unified, cloud ERP platform and become the heart of your organisation.

A foundation for change

Donors want proof that their donations are making a positive impact before which is why measuring performance and keeping costs in check is crucial.

In your industry, you face stricter reporting requirements. You need to ensure you meet all tax requirements and obligations. You may also need to report in various currencies. MYOB Acumatica takes care of it all so you can track budgets in real time.

Create reports as needed to provide transparent information for  dealing with funding sources and carrying out audits.

Prepare statements to present the result of activities, show funding balances, and adapt your reporting needs to meet the requirements of the management board, and those of external and internal stakeholders.

Streamline your operations + get more from every donor dollar

With access to real-time insights and complete visibility across your business, you can eliminate outdated and inaccurate data to improve collaboration and make informed business decisions.

A foundation for change

Doing good can be difficult, but we can help

These benefits showcase how the MYOB Acumatica will empower your NFP to streamline processes, reduce costs, and simplify success.

Streamline for time savings

By bringing your people and your data together, MYOB Acumatica lets you connect the dots across your organisation, cutting unnecessary tasks and streamlining key processes.

Data makes the difference

With all your organisational data housed in one platform and accessible through a simple dashboard, MYOB Acumatica gives you an accurate overview of what’s happening in your not-for-profit at any point. Everyone works from the same data set, which means fewer mistakes and miscommunications.

Better reporting = better decisions

Smart reporting tools generate reports and budgets in minutes and in real-time. With this capability, it’s easier to report to leadership and make the right decisions going forward.

Remote access gives more options

Because it’s a cloud platform, MYOB Acumatica is accessible from anywhere on almost any device. This gives you and your teams flexibility around where and when work is
done and ensures that all details are up-to-date, reducing the need for rework or doubling up on data entry.

Total visibility and control

Click the button below to viw our interactove demo and see how you too can streamline workflows, save time and improve the decision-making process for your not-for-profit organisation.


Outstanding Customer Feedback

Choosing BusinessHub as your ERP implementation partner ensures a smooth and successful transition to a modern and scalable ERP system, empowering your business to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

The functionality of MYOB Acumatica met our many needs including customer special pricing, advanced stock management, a customer portal as well as CRM.


Courtney Purcell


MYOB Acumatica has increased our production efficiency.


Daryl Joyce


It elevates us in our service, expertise and professionalism. That information is unbelievable to have at your fingertips. Before, we’d have to flick through a big folder!


Joe Raco

Threlfall Packaging

We have trust in the MYOB brand and as it turned out their Advanced solution really did have everything we needed.


Marie Kapetanakis

Kosmea Cosmetics


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