MYOB Advanced Retail + eCommerce

Everything you need to sell your products

No matter what you sell or where you sell it, keep your cashflow flowing, and easily manage your inventory, all in one place with MYOB Advanced Business.

By taking full advantage of the Shopify and BigCommerce connectors, MYOB Advanced transforms into an end-to-end solution for retailers – from POS to sales, CRM to inventory and more

A modern solution for

Wholesale + Retail

Being in one of the most competitive industries means that retailers like you can no longer simply rely on loyalty and discounting tactics alone. It’s simply not enough. The satisfaction of your customers and delivering on their expectations is now taking priority with consumers.

Having eCommerce capability is now a necessity for anyone in the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) space.

And in order for you to deliver, you need a modern ERP solution that’s agile enough to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, and one that integrates easily with Shopify and BigCommerce to offer customers the seamless online buying experience they demand.

To succeed, you need to provide exceptional customer experience and support.

Business Intelligence needs to flow freely between your stores, web presence and ERP solution.

The solution? Utilising MYOB Advanced with its retail connectors. This allows you to provide a customer experience unmatched by competitors. 

All while improving operating efficiency.

Designed with flexibility to accommodate the needs of modern retailers, MYOB Advanced and the Shopify and BigCommerce connectors bring everything together to improve your retail operations throughout.

Interactive MYOB Advanced Retail eCommerce Demo

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is an end-to-end business management software designed to meet the needs of Australian manufacturers. It delivers everything you need to effectively manage costs, track inventory, and run operations through a single platform, with realtime visibility and full control of your production processes.

How does the solution


The retail connectors work in real time using APIs to transmit between your eCommerce frontend and the MYOB Advanced backend in the office as orders are placed and financials are updated.

The synchronisation extends to product information such as title, description, price, and images – as well as discounts and promotions that automatically sync in MYOB Advanced. And the alignment of offline and online orders between the systems and shipping and tracking numbers.

These are the available synchronised entities across the platform – from customer information to items and products, orders, shipments, and financials.

And while there is real time integration, these entities can be seen manually or scheduled. 

Additionally, many of these entities and the items in them, can be filtered in or out and they can include additional customer fields where relevant.

MYOB Advanced remains agnostic when it comes to recommending systems so you can simply use the eCommerce platform that best suits your needs. 

Whether you’re a retail or wholesale merchant, solve your pain points and add value to your business throughout. 

Manage your business from MYOB Advanced to automate your processes, and improve the order to cash process with multi-channel order management – all in one place.

So you can focus your time on where it’s more important. Such as marketing promotions and advertising.



Outstanding Customer Feedback

Choosing BusinessHub as your ERP implementation partner ensures a smooth and successful transition to a modern and scalable ERP system, empowering your business to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

The functionality of MYOB Advanced met our many needs including customer special pricing, advanced stock management, a customer portal as well as CRM.


Courtney Purcell


MYOB Advanced has increased our production efficiency


Daryl Joyce


It elevates us in our service, expertise and professionalism. That information is unbelievable to have at your fingertips. Before, we’d have to flick through a big folder!


Joe Raco

Threlfall Packaging


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