Wholesale & Distribution

A cornerstone of our economy

Wholesale and distribution is the unsung heroes of the economy – they connect the dots between manufacturers and retailers. They ensures products get from the production line to customers. 

The industry is not just significant; it’s a powerhouse within the nation’s economy. However, this sector is currently undergoing a transformative revolution.

Read on to find out what these factors are, and what you can do to counter them

An industry landscape changed for ever

When we look back over the past few years, it could be argued that the wholesale and distribution industry has possibly suffered more so than any other. In Australian for example, businesses continue to be hit with one challenge after another. And it’s making things tough. Really tough. We’re talking about economic fluctuations, market upheavals, and shifting customer expectations to name a few. And that’s not even going into the impacts of the socio-economic factors happening around us on an international level. 

These challenges have turned the industry upside down, exposing the weakness of supply chains, rigid business models not fit for purpose, an inability to embrace digitisation, and much more. But fear not, because at BusinessHub, we have the solution and experience to help you transform your wholesale & distribution business and keep you ahead of the game. 

First things first. B2B customers are no longer satisfied with the old-school approach. They want interconnected, accessible, real-time, and personalised experiences, just like B2C businesses offer.

What does this mean to you? It means that the era of manual processes is over as we know it. The future now belongs to those who can adapt.

The future belongs to those who adapt


Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current processes.

Identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas where improvements are needed. Gather data to quantify the performance of existing processes.

Local expertise

Leverage new technologies and tools that are relevant to your industry.

This may include automation, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and cloud computing. Invest in software that can streamline operations like MYOB Advanced.

Digital Transformation

The digital landscape has reshaped every industry, and wholesale distribution is no exception.

At BusinessHub, we understand the impact of this transformation. It’s not enough to offer great products at competitive prices. The customer experience is now at the core of success.

The Customer-Centric Approach

At BusinessHub we always advocate for a customer-centric approach that leverages digital technology and in-person services to create seamless, stress-free sales journeys. Simplicity is the name of the game.

Say goodbye to paper order forms and complex quoting processes.

The Perfect Customer Journey

Imagine automated quoting, self-service ordering, personalised order updates via text, and automated invoicing and payment reminders—all designed to make your customers’ lives easier.

At BusinessHub, we know that upgrading your customer experience may seem complex, but it’s an investment that pays off.


Service Excellence

Consumers demand lightning-fast and seamless shopping experiences: online and offline. Without a well-connected omnichannel journey, you risk losing them to the competition.

It’s that simple. We’ve seen businesses after business struggle to modernise, especially those using entry-level accounting systems or legacy systems that lack mobility. Thankfully there is a better way.

The BusinessHub Advantage

Cloud ERP software is the key to unlocking agility and ensuring your wholesale distribution business thrives at every level. And with the experienced team at BusinessHub, you’ll have the tools you need to streamline your operations, connect with customers and suppliers effortlessly. Together, we can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Wholesale & Distribution: An Advanced Perspective

Let’s talk some hard truths here. Customers expect a fast and seamless shopping experience, whether they buy online or in-store. They want to purchase, return and exchange products anywhere, anytime. If you can’t offer them a smooth omnichannel journey, they will switch to your competitors. 

We see this happening across Australia on a daily basis.

So why is it happening? They either use outdated accounting systems that limit their automation capabilities, or legacy systems that lack the mobility to connect with customers and suppliers. The good news is that with a modern cloud ERP solution like MYOB Advanced, you can turn it all around and succeed at every level.

By upgrading to a cloud-based technology, you can overcome these challenges by enabling easy warehouse automation, compliance and reporting, order processing and inventory transactions.

Needless to say, a state-of-the-art system like MYOB Advanced will help you easily adapt to market changes. By upgrading to a cloud-based technology, you can overcome these challenges by enabling easy warehouse automation, compliance and reporting, order processing and inventory transactions.

Needless to say, a state-of-the-art system like MYOB Advanced will help you easily adapt to market changes.

Another interesting point to take note of: customers have become increasingly more aware of consumer protection, economic trends and product traceability.

They want to know where their products come from, how they are made and how they are disposed of. As we said before, the world around us is contantly changing.

This adds a higher level of complexity and cost for wholesale distributors. They now have to track, trace and monitor every step of the supply chain. An almost inpossible feat to achieve with pen and paper.

To meet these customer expectations, wholesale distributors must adopt an ERP system that is designed answer their specific needs. Not only that, a modern warehouse is essential for achieving success in today’s digital economy. Anything less works against you.

It creates barriers to modernisation and makes you invest in costly customisations or complex warehouse management systems when problems arise.

Change the way you manage your operations

Not all hope is lost. And not every industry shift should be seen as a negative. This should be seen as an opportunity to automate your business processes and gain an advantage over the competition.

For best-in-class results and an ability to drive customer satisfaction, MYOB Advanced delivers complete end-to-end management of your distribution business. As a purpose-built cloud ERP solution, it ticks all the boxes for the demands of your industry – helping wholesalers and distributors automate and optimise their key processes and providing a 360 degree view of your operations.

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