What is MYOB Advanced?

Working together in a single platform, MYOB Advanced, MYOB Advanced Payroll and WorkForce Management provide a powerful and cohesive end-to-end, business management solution.

What is MYOB Advanced? A sophisticated, modern and future-proof cloud ERP solution designed to meet the needs of growing businesses today, to grow tomorrow.

The MYOB Advanced ERP Platform

MYOB Advanced is a 100% cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting solution designed to help you manage your business financials and inventory while enjoying all the benefits of the cloud in a cost-effective manner.

MYOB Advanced includes a rich set of features to help collect and control all your business financials, GST, and more. Enjoy robust lead, supplier, distribution, and stock management across departments and locations. MYOB Advanced even offers a client self-service portal to help further automate and streamline your business processes throughout.

MYOB Advanced also features a CRM module, fixed asset management, field service management, project-based accounting, multi-company consolidation, an intuitive point-and-click editor, customer service contract management, and the ability to create custom workflows.

To recap – What is MYOB Advanced? It is a cloud ERP solution that provides everything needed to meet your business needs today and in the future.

The suitability of MYOB Advanced

Typical business requirements for choosing MYOB Advanced include:

+ A versatile and flexible highly functional General Ledger structure to track costs and revenue

+ A full suite of financial analysis reports, including GST and BAS

+ Enterprise-level financial and budgeting features

+ Full support for handling multiple countries, currencies and multiple locations, divisions and branches

+ A robust CRM solution to maintain and manage contacts, clients, and prospect databases

+ The need to track and report on projects, task break-downs and project budgets

+ Save time with Bank Feeds

+ Manage the complexities of distribution such as purchasing orders, tracking, and inventory

+ Track inventory levels and costs across multiple warehouses and locations

+ Manage multiple price lists plus item and order discounting policies

+ End-to-end sales and purchase order management

+ Consolidating financial transactions for all entities

Industries suited for MYOB Advanced

Whilst not limited to these specific industries, the following are the industries we have found to be best suited for MYOB Advanced. This is based on over 10 years of experience in implementing and helping 100s of clients achieve success in the cloud.




Field Services






Trade Services


MYOB Advanced Outcomes

Typical benefits our clients begin to experience after using MYOB Advanced:

+ Ability to drill down in reports for quicker decisions

+ Streamlined processes and improved productivity

+ Simplified financial management with multi-entity workflows

+ Automated accounts processing

+ Cost and complexity reduction of IT management

+ Enhanced visibility of data

+ Corporate finances management improved

+ Strengthened supply chain control

+ Cost savings through MYOB’s Advanced licensing model

+ Anywhere, anytime access to information

+ Enterprise-grade security and data backup

+ Avoid server attacks because the data is stored in the cloud

+ Remote access improves finances and productivity

Is MYOB Advanced right for your business?

When you’re evaluating ERP systems you need to consider cost, availability and quality of support. Many companies choose cloud-based solutions primarily because this will lessen their dependency on IT resources and give them certainty around cash flow. In addition, cloud-based ERP solutions provide best-in-class security, server redundancy measures and data and power-supply back-ups through the data centres which host the cloud solutions and provide 24/7 guarded access.

To see the key differences in functionality between MYOB’s cloud-based ERP solution MYOB Advanced and the older on-premise solution MYOB Exo, check out our comparison guide>

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Take the next step to the cloud

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See the bigger picture; make better decisions, and know your data will always be 100% accurate and safe. All in the cloud.

We have trust in the MYOB brand and as it turned out their Advanced solution really did have everything we needed.

Marie Kapetanakis

CEO, Kosmea Australia

The functionality of MYOB Advanced met our many needs including customer special pricing, advanced stock management, a customer portal as well as CRM. 

Courtney Purcell

General Manager, Codecom