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WBSRocks podcast features in-depth conversations on ERP, digital transformation, manufacturing, supply chain, eCommerce, and industry 4.0.

The show helps CFOs, COOs, CEOs, and business owners with their daily operational and financial growth challenges.

Hit play to listen to the latest episode and hear BusinessHub’s Director David Taylor speak on:

+ his insights into the pros and cons of the OEM distribution model for ERP systems.

+ how different states have different statutory and compliance requirements related to vendor payments, e-invoicing, and bank integration – which is why Australian businesses need software made for the Australian market.

+ why the data model for the Australian market is different from other countries and why the products from international vendors who sell the same version of a product internationally may fall short.

Business Growth with ERP and Digital Transformation

by WBSROCKS featuring David Taylor | Director, Businesshub