Manufacturing Success with MYOB Advanced

From production to warehousing, financials and everything in between, always know the health of your business operations to make better decisions and grow. 

At BusinessHub we have extensive experience working in the manufacturing industry  – helping manufacturers move their operations to the cloud.

The Manufacturing Sector

In Australia, it is not uncommon for mid-market manufacturers to struggle with business applications.

They are constrained by their entry-level business systems which force them to add-on applications to manage functions such as production scheduling, warehouse operations, field services, sales, quality, and other specialised business areas.

This leads to high licensing costs and customisations that need to be maintained.


The Solution?

Manufacturers across industry segments rely on MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition to maximise resources, reduce costs and improve profits.

An extensive suite of connected and mobile business applications provides unparalleled manufacturing depth for production, estimating, engineering, material planning, scheduling, product configuration, and manufacturing data collection.

Designed for the cloud, MYOB Advanced delivers functionality, scalability, and ease of use. Improve profitability, manage resources, and reduce costs.


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Learn how MYOB Advanced Manufacturing can help you boost manufacturing efficiency, connect disparate business systems and processes, elevate the customer experience – All from the cloud.

Industry-specific features

Last-mile features such as disassembly, engineering change control, demand forecasting, and outside processing streamline critical manufacturing processes.

MYOB Advanced supports make-to-stock, make-to-order, batch process, and other manufacturing methodologies.

Project Accounting provides project-centric manufacturers with a comprehensive production and resource planning system.

Commerce and mobile field service extend MYOB Advanced for manufacturers who sell online or provide on-site services.

Balance supply and demand with inventory, sales, and purchasing on top of a comprehensive suite of accounting applications.

Leverage automation, workflows, and document management to connect data and processes throughout all parts of the manufacturing business for improved customer service, customer retention and growth.

Breathing new life to supply chains

It will come as no surprise that disconnected business systems cause problem after problem. And ballooning application fees are just the tip of the iceberg.

Think of your current custom integrations and their associated maintenance costs. Now think of the cost associated with supporting these multiple systems and how it is burdening IT departments.

The reason? Limited integration and siloed systems propagate manual data entry and paper-based processes which result in inaccurate and delayed information. This makes it near impossible to get a clear picture of what is happening to make decisions to grow the business.

The Customer UX

Inefficient manufacturing and business processes create unnecessary work for users and frustrate customers, which places you in a severe disadvantage in today’s highly competitive market.

Inefficiencies result in production delays, late or incorrect customer shipments, poor communication, and unhappy customers. This trickles down throughout the business in the form of increased cost of goods sold, lower profit margins, and missed opportunities.

How is The MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition different? It provides unmatched access to real-time information online. Automated data capture and workflows reduce production cycles. In addition, CRM streamlines customer communication providing a superior experience.

Retail Customers

Access to accurate information, streamlined processes, and automated communication allow manufacturers to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Create automated notifications for goods or services are purchased, delivered and when invoices are available for download.

Increased Sales

Connected field service and project accounting allow you to provide complementary services for a stronger and more profitable customer relationship.

Future proof your manufacturing operations

Entry-level and older business management systems lack the modern features and connectivity tools to manage all areas of the business effectively. Connecting data from multiple systems is costly and difficult to maintain and support. Compatibility issues between systems limit your ability to adapt to modern technologies to drive improvements throughout the business.

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is a future-proof, cloud ERP solution designed for modern technologies. This results in streamlined processes and improved visibility into operations and financials that allow you to create success.

In contrast, older technologies hold-back growth. Manual workarounds, spreadsheets, and paper-based processes create confusion due to missing, inaccurate information.

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Edition

From creating the black box flight recorder to the bionic ear, the Australian manufacturing sector has a proud record of originality, innovation and flexibility. However, many manufacturers continue to struggle along with costly and inefficient disparate systems that create barriers to growth.

As your business evolves in the modern environment, you need an adaptable and comprehensive business management solution that offers scalability and connectivity to manage every single part of your business and manufacturing operations.

Designed specifically for the Australian market, MYOB Advanced Manufacturing provides the best business and industry management solution for transforming your business to navigate and thrive in the new digital economy.

Thrive with MYOB Advanced

Learn how MYOB Advanced Manufacturing can help you boost manufacturing efficiency, connect disparate business systems and processes, elevate the customer experience – All from the cloud.

MYOB Advanced has given us the ability to see exactly where each part is, what process it is in within our production work centres and how long it will take before it exists and becomes available for our customers. MYOB Advanced future proofs your organisation. It allowed the whole business to open up and gives me data that is up to date.”

Daryl Joyce