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Unleasing Growth and Efficiency

In manufacturing, the spotlight often shines brightly on the gears of production and the assembly lines that churn out high-quality goods. Yet, an equally pivotal facet for success lies in the realms of effective financial and business management, a reality that can significantly amplify operational efficiency and resource optimisation.

Modern manufacturing calls for advanced business management solutions, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, skilfully implemented, and supported by local Australian partners who intimately comprehend the industry’s distinct needs.

David Taylor, Director of MYOB Advanced Platinum Partner, BusinessHub, astutely observes that amidst the drive to scale up operations, the potential of business management solutions is frequently overshadowed. Enter MYOB Advanced Manufacturing, a cloud-based ERP solution that interconnects every facet of an enterprise, end to end. The result is heightened visibility and the empowerment of informed decision-making, becoming a catalyst for substantial business growth.

Tailored for forward-looking manufacturers who have outgrown their current systems, MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is designed to cater to the evolving demands of these enterprises.

This is where BusinessHub plays best.

“At BusinessHub, we derive inspiration from ambitious manufacturers, and our mission is to alleviate their shared challenges. By embracing ERP software and harnessing its distinctive feature set, our team facilitates tailored functionalities and capabilities essential for local mid-sized manufacturers, particularly within the discrete manufacturing sector.”

David Taylor

Managing Director, BusinessHub

Taylor elaborates, “We work with ambitious manufacturers who are being held back by various common issues. From laborious manual processes and data entry to lack of real-time insights, to the struggle of accommodating substantial customer growth within their existing systems.”

Legacy Systems: A stumbling block

Locally, manufacturers are losing growth opportunities due to inadequate legacy systems.

Beyond ineffective customer management, these systems fail to address a range of manufacturing-specific hurdles that modern enterprise software can solve.

These hurdles span ongoing supply chain disruptions, sourcing delays for raw materials affecting production and customer delivery timelines, and escalated manufacturing input costs due to fuel price volatility.

As Taylor asserts, “Historically, Australian manufacturers have absorbed intermittent cost pressures. However, given the current landscape of frequent change and an onslaught of challenges, this approach is becoming increasingly unsustainable.”

In the current economic climate, hesitations over price increases and the ability to maintain competitiveness is common. This is why the strategic visibility provided by enterprise software must assume paramount importance. Timely insights are essential to comprehensively assessing supply, production costs, and job-by-job profitability.

The role of ERP: Efficiency and Insight

When it comes to ERP, BusinessHub deals specifically with products out of the MYOB stable of enterprise solutions. This includes MYOB Advanced Business, Payroll, and Workforce Management.

For a manufacturing business, an ERP solution facilitates punctual invoice settlements, orderly accounts, precise financial statements, prepared budgets, and payroll compliance. MYOB Advanced Manufacturing brings these essentials into cohesion, seamlessly integrating production planning, financial management, CRM, inventory oversight, and sales orders.


The outcome? Uninterrupted, real-time visibility spanning your entire operation.

When coupled with MYOB Advanced Payroll, the synergy delivers an integrated cloud platform, housing your ERP and centralised payroll and workforce management.

With regards to inventory management, MYOB Advanced allows manufacturers to efficiently manage their distribution processes with system-wide inventory control boasting an effective inventory management solution that features real-time access to inventory in transit, available inventory, and inventory costs. This means you can order the right stock at the right time.

Increase profitability with demand/supply harmony

Striking a balance between demand and supply is a cornerstone of any business, yet a stumbling block for many manufacturers—especially in times of heightened local market demand.

This is where ERP software steps in, streamlining the process by centralising production details, as explained by David Taylor, “This streamlined access to resources, budgets, and production scheduling becomes a potent tool in the manufacturer’s toolset”.

By implementing an ERP solution, users can utilise real-time data visibility to promptly counter disruptions, expedite decision-making, and respond proactively to costly delays.

They can also automate production schedules and recalibrate plans to accommodate high-priority orders and market changes.

Taylor concludes, “At BusinessHub, we firmly believe that accurate, timely insights hold the power to revolutionise the manufacturing sector for the better.”

For Australian manufacturers, the adoption of well-implemented ERP software is no longer something that would be nice to have, but rather a necessity for ambitious businesses.

It optimises operations, fortifies decision-making, and fuels growth.

The team at BusinessHub is dedicated to helping Australian manufacturers embrace digitisation, and move toward a future defined by efficiency, competitiveness, and sustained success.

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