MYOB and Acumatica

The relationship between Acumatica and MYOB

While Acumatica and MYOB Advanced share similarities, they are distinct products. Both systems offer the same core functionalities, but MYOB Advanced includes localised features and functionality tailored for the Australian market.

In this blog, we take a deep dive into this collaboration. 

Acumatica and MYOB

In 2013, Acumatica and MYOB formed an alliance to deliver straightforward, cloud-based enterprise resource planning software (ERP) tailored for mid-market businesses in Australia and New Zealand.


This collaboration allowed MYOB to localise and distribute Acumatica’s ERP solution platform, transitioning its services for mid-sized clients into the online realm. Up until this point, MYOB was only selling their on-premise mid-market offering, MYOB Exo Business. At the time, MYOB’s previous CEO Tim Reed expressed enthusiasm about the agreement, emphasising the importance of the Acumatica solution as a pivotal addition to MYOB’s product platform, helping them to compete with other online solutions.

The basis of this relationship came from the realisation that the needs of the mid-market in Australia were evolving, and there was a push towards all things cloud. This collaboration allowed MYOB to offer both on premise and online solutions as part of their offerings.

The partnership with MYOB followed a similar agreement reached in 2011 with Visma, the largest software vendor in the Scandinavian region. Under these agreements, MYOB and Visma gained exclusive rights to market the Acumatica platform under their respective brand names in Australia, New Zealand, and Scandinavia.

The Relationship Today

Since then, this collaboration has resulted in over 1,000 installations of MYOB Advanced, marking a significant milestone in streamlining business operations for enterprises in the region.

Acumatica stands out as a leading international cloud-based ERP vendor, renowned for its innovative approach to ERP solutions. While newer in comparison to legacy ERP providers, Acumatica has rapidly gaining traction for its ambition to set the standard in cloud-based ERP systems globally. Initially targeting specific industries like manufacturing, and distribution, Acumatica expanded its functionalities to cater to a broader spectrum of businesses, enhancing usability and consolidating its position as a formidable player in the ERP landscape.

Over the year’s Acumatica has become a leader in SaaS thanks to its robust presence in the market.

The Australian Experience

In Australia, MYOB Advanced, (Acumatica) offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly ERP solution. Its cloud-based platform ensures seamless implementation and accessibility from any device, anywhere.

Boasting customisable features, robust reporting tools, and adaptable reporting structures, MYOB Advanced empowers medium to larger-sized businesses across industries to optimise performance and streamline their operations.


MYOB Advanced

MYOB Advanced delivers a unique value proposition to Australian businesses, offering localised development and real-time support tailored to the local market.

MYOB as a business

Established in 1991, MYOB is the leading business management solutions provider in Australasia, serving over a million businesses.

Offering a wide range of solutions including accounting, payroll, HR, tax, CRM, and more, MYOB is dedicated to ongoing innovation, particularly in cloud solutions.


Founded in 2007, Acumatica is the fastest-growing provider of highly customisable, cloud-based ERP applications for small and mid-sized businesses. With its innovative licensing practices, broad-based deployment options, and global channel-partner network, Acumatica has established itself as a trusted name in the ERP industry.

Driving Your Business Forward

BusinessHub champions the ongoing partnership between Acumatica and MYOB. We believe this collaboration has opened up a myriad of opportunities for Australian businesses and the relationship will continue top be a fruitful one.

While Acumatica is not available in Australia, MYOB Advanced is. So if you’re considering an ERP solution that can transform your business, MYOB Advanced is worth exploring.

At BusinessHub, we specialise in helping businesses just like yours implement and maximise the benefits of MYOB Advanced. 

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