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TRAILD works in with MYOB Advanced to help businesses automate and streamline their accounts payable processes whilst putting protective measures in place against fraud, error or mistake.

With TRAILD you can rest assured knowing your most valuable data is in safe hands.

Your Accounts Payable Processes. Streamlined and Automated.

Designed to help businesses streamline their spending processes, TRAILD also sets in place control to help you protect your business against fraud, errors and mistakes. By providing a seamless integration process, TRAILD effortlessly integrates into MYOB Advanced to streamline, automate and protect.

TRAILD achieves this by patrolling workflows, automatically detecting the highest-risk payments, and ensuring all decision-makers have full visibility of potential payment compromises. This ensures you can stop it in real-time.

In addition, millions of dollars worth of payments are processed and protected through TRAILD on a daily basis. This includes hundreds of thousands of verified suppliers across a global network of users from diverse industry segments.

To prevent malicious acts, TRAILD actively monitors hundreds of internal and external data sources to guide better decision-making.

Focus On The Invoices That Matter

TRAILD stops novel threats by understanding the business and detecting anomalies.

By removing the manual data entry from Accounts Payable, businesses can focus their time on the important diligence steps and automate everything else.

Automate your data entry

Match invoices to POs and PO receipts

Invoice approvals

Phone and email support

No lock in contract

Protecting Your Business

Advanced digital risk analysis tools work together to help and support better decision making. These tools allow you to place your focus and attention on the highest-risk payments.

Saving You Time

Accelerate data entry and invoice approval to reduce the pain of invoice reviews. Replace tedious, unproductive invoice reviews with value-adding tasks.

Gain Complete Control

Understand your suppliers and costs in more detail through adaptable and accessible reporting and analysis.

Data Extraction

Data is extracted digitally from PDF invoices using enhanced OCR technology, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of costly human errors.

Approval Workflows

TRAILD gives you the tools to easily share invoices for approval throughout your organisation, making approval processes smoother, faster and more efficient to save you time and effort.

Payment Protection

TRAILD adds data-enabled rigour, audit trails and security into your invoice approval processes, giving you and your business important protection from fraudulent invoices and payment mistakes.

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