Razor International

In November 1998, Razor International  began to turn their dream of creating a world-class business into a reality.

Read their story and see how MYOB Advanced helped turn their dream into a reality.

Razor International chooses BusinessHub

Razor International develops state-of-the-art electronic and automated control systems for semi-trailers and rigid trucks. Their innovative products bring together automation technology with occupational health and safety equipment to keep more drivers safe.

Based in Victoria, Australia, the Razor team runs a tight ship with approximately 10 staff on-site. It is estimated their products are on 50,000 trucks across Australia – and with the company’s recent expansion internationally, this number will only grow.

Geoff Watson, Managing Diector, states, “We’ve just kept trying to put our best foot forward and stay modern, we’ve invested fairly big sums in keeping our R&D high, and we have a global view of where – and how – our product needs to be”.

The Problem

As the company grew, so did the size and complexity of their stock. Managing hundreds of product components, local and international suppliers and warehouses in multiple locations became a logistical challenge, says Office Manager Elisa Calcagno.

On top of that, the business had no visibility of their Chinese factory inventory and production so couldn’t accurately forward plan for manufacturing. They also couldn’t manage multi-layered bills of materials.

If Razor International was to become a world business, they needed a system that could operate across international borders, Geoff says. MYOB Advanced had what they needed.

“We haven’t even scratched the surface, but we’ve already noticed some great improvements,” Elisa says.

The system’s manufacturing module brings together the company’s manufacturing, inventory management and accounting across all six of their warehouses, to efficiently manage and streamline these processes.

“It’s the simple things that have made a big difference,” Elisa adds.

Elisa states that previously, “I could only include inventory items that were in stock, and because I wasn’t able to send the warehouse guys detailed assembly lists, they couldn’t see everything they needed to make one kit”.

The Solution

Razor International’s single biggest challenge was not being able to see what was happening day-to-day. MYOB Advanced has given the Razor team access to real-time insights.

From customised dashboards to visibility over sales in progress ensures they have the inventory they need, and pick up any red flags. Improvements include better customer service and warranty management, boosted customer experience, and improved product quality and cost handling.

The Results

Elisa now has a clear view of all six warehouses – information can be easily exported and sent to suppliers. “Now I can easily go into even a little item and check every checklist that it’s in, so it gives me an idea of what to order,” she says.

This level of visibility also means Elisa can create a detailed bill of materials – everything down to the last nut and bolt – helping the business accurately manage their production and manufacturing costs.

Then there’s the ability to track product serial numbers so staff can problem-solve any warranty issues quickly. “I get daily phone calls from customers asking for services that we track through serial numbers,” Elisa explains. At the start of the year, the business was able to go paperless. And being a cloud-based system, management now has access to reporting in real-time from their mobiles while overseas or working from home.

As a fast-growing international company, having efficient processes in place has been key for Geoff running a lean team. The business is managed by a small core team of highly-productive employees – saving money and helping the entire business run more smoothly.

Now that they’ve got the fundamentals sorted, they are ready to tap into some of the system’s other functionalities. As an innovative Australian-based manufacturer, Razor International knew it was critical to implement a system that delivered accurate margin and production visibility, along with efficient inventory replenishment, to maintain their competitiveness and facilitate swift and sound business decisions.

For us at BusinessHub, it has been truly rewarding to support Geoff and his team to streamline and grow their operations by leveraging the power of MYOB Advanced.

Elisa Calcagno

Office Manager

“Now, all that info is in our system, we can search by serial number, customer name and date of purchase – that’s definitely saved me like 15 minutes per call”.