Provincial Home Living

Provincial Home Living is a family-owned business and household name that has grown over the last 15 years to have 30 stores across SA, ACT, NSW, QLD, and VIC.

As they continued to grow, their biggest challenge was transitioning from being a small business to an enterprise-level business, whilst maintaining the family values that have been central to their success. Read their experience with BusinessHub and MYOB Advanced Payroll.

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The Problem

Provincial Home Living was faced with the challenge of streamlining their business processes without creating administrative bottlenecks for their stores. As Richard Swann (Provincial Home Living, Chief Financial Officer) puts it: “We employ the team to sell and if they’re doing admin, they can’t add value to their role.”

Previously, MYOB Exo Employer Services ticked boxes for processing Provincial Home Living’s payroll. However, the company had grown to over 200 employees across multiple locations, so the time for a system upgrade had arrived. Provincial Home Living needed a sound basis for making labour efficiency decisions at store level, managing tax complexities and award interpretation.

They needed to centralise and streamline the way their employees and payroll were managed, strengthen their reporting capabilities and replace manual and paper payroll processes at store level with more automated employee on-boarding, timesheet management, rostering, time allocation management and record-keeping tools. 

According to Richard, “We needed to get more information on what was happening in a geographically diverse area. Previously, the store manager was just filling out paperwork and faxing it back to head office, but as the organisation has grown, those manual processes haven’t been sustainable”.

The Solution

Richard reached out to David Taylor from BusinessHub about the business challenges he was facing, and David introduced Richard to MYOB Advanced Payroll, which was combined with Ento for onboarding, rostering and timesheet functionality.

This provided Provincial Home Living with a complete end-to-end payroll and human resource management solution.

David says, “Provincial Home Living is a well-run retailer and long-standing BusinesssHub payroll client, so we were delighted to deliver a solution that ticked the boxes for Provincial: the convenience of cloud payroll, a reduction in low-value manual processes, and connecting the right people with the right data at the right time for responsive business decisions.”

Richard has a deep understanding of Provincial Home Living’s business and the importance of payroll: “We were very conscious of the risk when moving from one payroll product to another, and we perceived that having the same organisation [BusinessHub] managing the transition would greatly reduce our implementation risk.” 

The generic inquiry and pivot table functionality in MYOB Advanced provides the reporting capability that Provincial Home Living needed to produce adaptable and configurable reports.

The Results

BusinessHub has deep knowledge of both MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo Employers Services and demonstrated confidence during the implementation process which made for a smooth migration, without any data transition issues.

The Provincial Home Living team worked closely with Sarbag from BusinessHub to scope Provincial Home Living’s system, integration, and reporting requirements. When asked about the impact of the Covid-19 restrictions on the implementation, Richard says, “it wasn’t ideal as most of our training was provided remotely or online… but even with all that, the general onboarding experience was good.”

With the continued strategic growth of the organisation and its number of stores in mind, Richard emphasises the importance of efficient resource allocation. He states, “Supporting a higher level of business activity with the same number of people requires efficient systems and easy access to information”.

Since moving to MYOB Advanced Payroll, Provincial Home Living’s time has been freed up for more value-added activities, Richard says that “reporting has been made easier, the pay run work has been made more targeted and now there is more time for looking at the inputs and analysing it rather than just entering it”.

Going to cloud-based infrastructure was an additional deciding factor during Provincial Home Living’s evaluation process: “It was less of a risk in a cloud environment where the data security around that was much more a part of MYOB’s core business than it is ours.” Being on a cloud-based platform has empowered the business with the agility to process payroll remotely when staff were working-from-home.

Richard Swann


“We like that MYOB Advanced is nicely formatted so that we don’t have to manipulate a lot of data or sift through it to find what we need”.

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