Fast growth led to NutriSoil Biological Solution investing in MYOB Advanced Business. This has helped them better manage their 6,000-strong customer database.

It also helps them deliver excellent customer reporting and segmentation, all while being hosted in the cloud.

NutriSoil Biological Solution invests in MYOB Advanced to grow agriculture movement

Nutrisoil Biological Solution is busy creating an all-natural fertiliser to super-power growth. Replacing chemical fertilisers, the worm juice feeds both crops and soil.

They were previously using MYOB AccountRight, accounting software ideal for small businesses. The company was satisfied with its financial capabilities, but there were limitations when used as a CRM.

The Problem

“We could make notes on an individual customer file, however, we could not connect customers through type and size of farm,” says Managing Director Rachelle Armstrong.

The limitations of the existing solution meant the company was spending extra time exporting its customer data to spreadsheets, to make sense of it. With a major part of the company’s work involving education, often hosting 100-200 farmers at events, this process was less than ideal.

NutriSoil needed software that would alleviate the need for time-consuming, manual work. But like many regionally-based companies, it often feels the distance when dealing with suppliers and partners who are unwilling to travel. An implementation partner who would take the time to visit on-site, to truly understand the business and its needs, was a must.

Rachelle states, “We needed a CRM to help us build a movement! Before I knew what a CRM was, we couldn’t search our customers’ info or group them together. The dream was to ask a question and collect the info without exporting and changing it around”.

The Solution

The company performed a global search before deciding that MYOB Advanced was the best solution.

NutriSoil appreciated that its MYOB business partner had no issue with supporting a regional business and travel to Wodonga. “They didn’t make us feel like country bumpkins,” says Rachelle.

She could see that the change process would be difficult for longer-standing employees, but had no doubt in six months they’d all be saying “How did we survive without it?”

Rachelle states, “It was daunting, actually, how many CRMs are out there at all different prices. The fact that we could stay with a MYOB solution was a benefit, rather than having to move to another accounting program”.

The Results

Rachelle says the robust CRM of MYOB Advanced will let them send targeted campaigns. “We’ll be able to group together people who attended an event, so we can send them all the videos, surveys and feedback from that event,” she explains.

The system will also make its sales process more streamlined and personal. MYOB Advanced helps better manage its phone enquiries, rather than relying on handwritten notes. We’ll be able to set them up as sales leads and ensure follow-up on a personal level.

The flexibility of the CRM suits them well: “We’ll still have the trading name, but we can set up a contact for the son, for instance, who we might actually deal with more,” Rachelle says.

MYOB Advanced has made it easier for the company to deliver on stringent reporting requirements demanded by its new B-Corp certification, and allows for more flexible-pricing management and online payments – all crucial to the growth of this industry-changing business.

Rachelle Armstrong

Managing Director

“The fact that we could stay with a MYOB solution was a benefit, rather than having to move to another accounting program.”

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