Starting in 1993, at the heart of Kosmea is the core promise ‘skincare as nature intended’. The range of natural skincare range is centred around wild crafted and certified organic rosehip oil and the finest herbal, plant and flower extracts. Read their journey towards MYOB Advanced. 

By implementing MYOB Advanced, Kosmea gained:

  • 24/7 access provides more flexibility for all staff 

  • Easy segmentation of customers into groups 

  • Software allows for separate promotional based pricing and wholesale-based pricing 

MYOB Advanced was the natural choice for Kosmea

Moving online meant Kosmea needed to take a deep look at its business software needs. Read how MYOB Advanced Business came out on top.

Kosmea founder Marie Kapetanakis established her business from the kitchen of her Adelaide home back in 1993, and more than 21 years later she now sells her range of natural skin care products throughout Australia as well as to Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, UK and the USA. 

With current staff numbers at 10, the company continues to grow and aims to expand beyond its existing stockists which include a number of health food stores, national pharmacy chains and high-end retailer David Jones.

The Problem

The Health and Beauty market is ultra-competitive and while Marie Kapetanakis has been very loyal to MYOB, “I still have the original box on my shelf!”, she knew that there had come a point where Kosmea needed to review their existing software. “We were using AccountRight Premier Enterprise but we had reached the point where the demands of our business were growing significantly and we needed to upgrade”, and with an eye to the future Marie knew, “we wanted a cloud solution, as opposed to going down the path of replacing the server”.

Marie states, “We have multi warehouse requirements which requires stock to be held in an outsourced warehouse, a 3rd party manufacturing site, as well as holding stock in our own office, all of which needs to be identified at a moment’s notice. Plus, as we sell into overseas markets it was crucial our software could continue to easily and simply handle multiple currencies”.

There were some unique complexities to consider as Marie points out: ”We had reached the point where the demands of our business were growing significantly and we needed to upgrade.”

The Solution

Kosmea met up with David from BusinessHub, Australia’s MYOB Manufacturing Partner of the Year. Going with MYOB was not a given as Marie points out, “While we have a lot of trust in the MYOB brand and have been using their products for 20 years, loyalty is earned, not taken for granted” so through BusinessHub an evaluation of competitive products was conducted.

After a thorough evaluation Kosmea decided upon the one integrated solution that met all of their needs and had the capacity to help the company grow into the future — MYOB Advanced. Marie sums up, “we have trust in the MYOB brand and as it turned out their Advanced solution really did have everything we needed.

Firstly, it was cloud-based software which is perfect for our team working off site, but much more than that, MYOB Advanced could accurately control our inventory, manage customer special pricing and segment our customer groups without any drama.”

The Results

BusinessHub completed scenario based training in each module to familiarise the team with their data and the ‘look and feel’ of the new system so everyone was comfortable before the ‘go live’ date. They continue to provide on-demand support now the system is ‘live’.

From a business perspective, Kosmea now has more flexibility and visibility, in no small part due to the fact that everybody — including those working off site — has access to critical information and numbers, which in turn improves productivity.

Furthermore, with online sales growing the CRM component of the Kosmea website will become an extremely valuable tool. And, with a new website planned that will talk with MYOB Advanced, B2B and B2C information will be seamlessly integrated.

While Kosmea has come a long way Marie Kapetanakis is looking to what’s ahead: “We have a solid foundation to grow on and MYOB Advanced can help us expand the business, particularly as we enter the US market which will see us embark on further development of product.”

Marie concludes, “From every perspective we are more streamlined and more productive and that gives us more confidence to move forward.”

Marie Kapetanakis


“We have a solid foundation to grow on and MYOB Advanced can help us expand the business“.

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