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ezyCollect automates accounts receivables, debtor management and credit risk tools to speed up the cash conversion cycle & debtor management.

Streamline and automate your receivables to proactively chase payments and get paid faster.

If your business is spending too much time and resources chasing customers for payment, following up on promised payments then it may be time to think about changing the way you collect.

That’s where ezyCollect steps in, a secure cloud-based app that seamlessly integrates with MYOB Advanced and then streamlines and automates manual collection tasks such as sending emails, SMS’s and postal letters so you can put your accounts receivables on autopilot and accelerate cash recovery.

You can also schedule phone calls for staff, manage disputes, track conversations and payment promises in the customer dashboard, escalating cases as needed. 

  • Automate time-consuming manual AR tasks to save time
  • Boost productivity with tools and insights at your fingertips
  • Give your customers a seamless payables experience 
  • ezyCollect offers one-on-one customer support and free ongoing training

How does ezyCollect work?

Debt collection can be an arduous process. But with ezyCollect’s personalised communication plan you can easily follow up with your debtors that do not pay, and even thank the ones that do. And for steps that require a real person the tasks are added to your schedule.

ezyCollect also boasts a number of reports, graphs and intuitive tools that all work together to help you stay on top of your collection efforts.

Now with a single click you can request credit checks, send pre-approved legal letters and escalate matters to debt collection agencies or lawyers.

Everything works towards minimising bad debt and increasing cash flow.

  • One source of truth for all AR data and activity
  • Easily identify overdue accounts
  • Have peace of mind that every invoice is tracked to payment
  • Use filters to slice and dice data in seconds
  • Daily customers-to-call list
  • Schedule a series of automated reminders into a disciplined workflow
  • Select from multiple channels so your reminders reach debtors via email, SMS, post (even fax)
  • Auto-attach invoice copies
  • Collates all overdue amounts into a single reminder
  • Customer-level opt out
  • ‘Pay Now’ button from invoices, sales orders and emails
  • Payment portal shows your debtor all open invoices with options to pay multiple invoices or part-pay invoices
  • Choose to automatically surcharge credit card fees
  • Allocates payments received to MYOB Advanced
  • Dashboard reporting of every customer’s level of credit risk to your business
  • Add high-risk customers to a real-time alerts service
  • Automated connection to your ERP, no manual upload of ATB required
  • On-demand B2B credit reports
  • Continue to collect debt by adding a demand letter to your communication workflow
  • You can either choose your own preferred debt collector or use ezyCollect’s partner
  • Phone and email support
  • In-app messaging
  • Installation and go-live support
  • 1:1 online training

Take the stress out of collecting payments

To see the advantages ezyCollect could have on your cash flow, complete the contact form and our team will get back to you.