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Container Tracking

A powerful solution by that allows your business to effortlessly monitor inventory in transit.

Gain complete visibility into shipments, track container status, manage landed costs, and streamline your supply chain management. Read on to unlock the full potential of your business today.

The smart way to track containers

Enhance your inventory management with Container Tracking for MYOB Advanced, powered by Information Integration Group (IIG).

This cutting-edge solution empowers businesses to effortlessly monitor inventory in transit by providing comprehensive container information tracking transactions.

With this powerful tool, you can gain complete visibility into your shipments and streamline your operations with ease


Effortless Tracking of Items in Transit

With Container Tracking, you can seamlessly load items in transit from existing purchase orders into container transactions.

This flexibility allows you to choose between selecting entire purchase orders, specific lines of a purchase order, or even partial quantities of a purchase order line. Its intuitive interface makes it simple for users to create container transactions and keep track of inventory throughout the shipment process.

Comprehensive Container Information

Container Tracking goes beyond basic tracking capabilities. It enables you to monitor vital information related to your containers, such as expected and actual departure and arrival dates, payment due dates, and even custom and duty information.

By having all these details readily available, you can stay on top of your shipments and plan your operations more effectively.

Create a Seamles Experience

With Container Tracking for MYOB Advanced Business, you can take control of your inventory in transit and optimise your supply chain management. Gain visibility, streamline operations, and make informed decisions with our powerful container tracking solution.

User-Defined Container Status Codes

Stay informed about your containers’ whereabouts using user-defined container status codes. Whether it’s “on the water,” “customs,” “inland transit,” or “foreign dock”, you can assign and track the status of your containers accurately.

This valuable feature ensures that you have real-time information at your fingertips, enabling better decision-making and improved supply chain management.

Landed Costs Allocation

Managing landed costs can be a complex task, but with Container Tracking, it becomes effortless. You can enter landed costs at the container level and automatically allocate them to each item in the container. This streamlined process ensures accurate cost calculations and eliminates manual efforts.

Furthermore, the landed costs information seamlessly integrates with created Receipts of Goods transactions for the container, simplifying your accounting processes.

Revolutionise your container management

Contact us today to learn more how Container Tracking can revolutionise your business. Streamline your supply chain management and stay ahead of your competition.