MYOB Advanced Support Plans

Unlock the full potential of the MYOB Advanced Business Management Platform with our extensive Support Plans.

MYOB Advanced Success Plans

One month after go-live, your implementation is complete, however, we hope that it’s only the beginning of our journey together.

BusinessHub’s award-winning Client Success team are here to help you unlock the power of MYOB Advanced and use its more sophisticated functionality as your organisation and the solution evolves.

BusinessHub success plans are designed for clients who are keen to improve their ROI in relation to MYOB Advanced by continuously improving how they use the system as each upgrade occurs and new features become available.

Our Premium Support Plan is our flagship support plan and is the perfect option for those who  have higher support and/or consulting requirements. By choosing this plan, your business will benefit from a considerably lower consulting rate, twice-yearly system reviews, upgrade assistance and 30-minutes of included Plan Support per issue.

The Standard Success Plan is designed for clients who have mastered the basic system functionality but are continuing to invest in how they use the system. This is ideal for those who do not require much support but they do access consulting services.

Our Basic Success Plan is designed for those who have a high level of internal capability and require only minimal assistance with MYOB Advanced, so this plan just covers the essentials – licence administration and escalation of proven software errors to MYOB for investigation and resolution.

You can see full list of the inclusions each plan offers below.

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MYOB Advanced Support Plans

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