BusinessHub Terms of Service

Read our terms of service by exploring the information provided below.

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Hourly Rates

For Services (other than Customisation Services) provided by BusinessHub Pty Ltd from 1 July 2023 onwards:

  • For Premium Success Plan Clients: $175 + GST
  • For Standard Success Plan Clients: $185 + GST
  • For Basic Success Plan Clients: $205 + GST
  • For Exo ES Plan Clients: $195 + GST
  • For Onboarding Services: $195 + GST
  • For PAYG or unsupported clients (including Exo): $265 + GST
  • For onsite travel time: $125 + GST per hour

For Customisation Services for all clients: $265 + GST

Travel Charges for onsite attendances within the Melbourne Metropolitan area: $120 + GST.

Terms of Service

BusinessHub’s Terms of Service are incorporated in contracts entered into or renewed on or after 1 September 2022.

Client Success Agreement

For contracts entered into or renewed between 10 October 2019 and 31 August 2022.

MAG Meeting Terms and Conditions

These T’s & C’s govern your attendance at all MAG meetings hosted or arranged by BusinessHub.

Client Review Terms of Use

For reviews, customer ratings, testimonials or case studies relating to services offered by BusinessHub.

BusinessHub Referral Program

Read the full terms and conditions of the BuisnessHub referral program.

*BusinessHub increased its hourly rates with effect on and from 1 November 2022 after giving our existing Success Plan clients 3 weeks’ notice.  The decision to increase our rates was made after balancing the need to cover our increasing costs of business and the need to ensure our rates remain competitive. This is the first rate increase since 2019.