Get ready for streamlined Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting with BusinessHub!

STP is one of the biggest changes to payroll reporting processes this decade, and BusinessHub is well-placed to assist you with a smooth transition.

We have implemented one of the most MYOB EXO Employer Services and Advanced People sites in Australia, and we are working closely with MYOB (including participating in beta trials) to make your transition to STP reporting as smooth as possible.


Streamlined Reporting

Whether you are required to comply with the new Single Touch Payroll reporting process from 1 July 2018 or you are an early adopter, there are benefits for using the STP reporting process.

Streamlined Reporting - Ease the EOFY Time Crunch

Ease the EOFY time crunch. No more payment summaries for employers who start submitting by STP before year end.

Streamlined Reporting - Prefilled Values

W1 and W2 values will be pre-filled on the Business Activity Statement (BAS) of employers who submit by STP*.

*Pre-filling expected to commence from July 2019

Streamlined Reporting - Pay via MyGov

Employees can access their current YTD pay information via the mygov portal.

Important Dates and Activities

1 April 2018

Employee headcount to be conducted as at this date

19 April 2018

'Getting STP Ready' client seminar presented by MYOB and BusnessHub. SOLD OUT
The following week, a recording of the seminar will be released

May 2018

MYOB Exo Employer Services and Advanced People STP software updates expected to be available from MYOB. Book your STP Transition Session with BusinessHub

Mid June 2018

MYOB Exo Employer Services and Advanced People EOFY compliance release expected to be released by MYOB

1 July 2018

STP reporting becomes mandatory for employers with 20 or more employees, unless an exception or deferral applies.

14 July 2018

PAYG withholding payment summaries must be issued to employees, unless STP reporting started before 1 July

14 August 2018

PAYG withholding payment summary annual report due to the ATO, unless STP reporting started before 1 July.

14 August 2018

Finalisation declaration due, for early adopters who started STP reporting before 1 July

1 July 2019

For employers who report using STP, W1 and W2 will now be pre-filled on their business activity statement (BAS). STP reporting required for employers with 19 or less employees (subject to legislation being passed).

For the latest news and updates on STP, go to News & Events

STP Transition Program *

We will be enabling our supported MYOB Exo Employer Services and MYOB Advanced People clients for STP reporting from May 2018.

What are the benefits of enabling STP reporting early?

  • Avoid the EOFY time crush.
    Employers are no longer required to provide PAYG withholding payment summaries to individuals or the PAYG withholding annual report to the ATO.

  • Streamlined admin and improved data integrity.
    STP reported information will be pre-filled in BAS W1 and W2 values from July 2019.

Our 6-step STP Transition Program* for supported clients is outlined below, subject to the Conditions. You can access more help by requesting our STP Readiness Guide and STP Transition Services.

To transition to STP reporting using our STP Transition Services this financial year, book your STP Transition Session as soon as possible as places are limited.

Our 6-step STP Transition Program

Program materials can be accessed via the ‘Single Touch Payroll’ section of the Client Portal.

Step 1

Get familiar with Single Touch Payroll

  • Read Part 2 of our STP Readiness Guide
  • Attend our ‘Get STP Ready’ client seminar on 19 April 2018. SOLD OUT
  • Watch our Get STP Ready client seminar recording (available late April)

Step 2

Take your employee headcount as at 1 April 2018 to determine whether STP reporting is mandatory for you from 1 July 2018.

  • Read the ATO Headcount Guidance and do your headcount
  • Keep a record of your employee headcount as at 1 April (you don’t need to report it to the ATO)

Step 3

Review your current payroll and HR processes and consider aligning your processes for reporting and paying PAYG and Super.

Step 4

Communicate within your business about STP, including when you plan to transition to STP reporting

Step 5

Complete a process and data review to update your internal processes and ensure you have the information required to enable your STP software functionality.

  • Read Part 5 of our STP Readiness Guide
  • Obtain an Auskey, if you haven’t got one already
  • Check your payroll data is accurate and includes the correct last name, birth date, address, suburb and tax file number of each employee
For an MYOB Exo Employer Services Report:
  • File > Employee List
  • Ensure all filters are set to ‘All’, including Current / Terminated
  • Ensure the ‘Export’ dropdown is set to ‘All Columns’
  • Click ‘Export’
For an MYOB Advanced People Report:
  • People > Processes >
  • Payment Summaries > Create Batch
  • Financial Year: 2018
  • Actions > Save Batch
  • Click on the ‘Employee Details’ tab.
  • Click on the Excel button to export to an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Once you have save the Excel spreadsheet, delete the batch:
  • Batch Summary > Select the relevant batch
  • Actions > Delete Batch
For more assistance, we can provide you with STP Transition Services which include an STP Readiness Report on your payroll data.

Step 6

Upgrade and configure your STP software functionality and then process your first pay event.

  • Read Part 6 of our STP Readiness Guide and complete the checklist
  • MYOB Advanced People: read our STP Enablement Instructions and enable your STP functionality (functionality expected from MYOB in late May 2018)
  • MYOB Exo Employer Services only: read our STP Upgrade Instructions and upgrade your software (upgrade expected from MYOB in early May 2018)
For more assistance, we can provide you with an STP Transition Services which include an STP Transition Session where we provide phone and remote access support for your STP Upgrade / Enablement and your first STP reported payroll run (max. 1 hour).

Get Help with My STP Transition


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