Allure Bathrooms

Allure Bathrooms has since grown into a successful importer and distributor of bathroom supplies, with four retail showrooms across Melbourne. MYOB Advanced Business provided the functionality and customisation capability they needed to manage their ever-expanding reach. 

The Problem

In its early days, Allure Bathrooms and its single retail store didn’t need the functionality of a more sophisticated ERP system – but that quickly changed. The company grew rapidly, opening multiple showrooms across Melbourne, with an expanded distribution centre.

Inventory controller Matthew Luong explains that they were initially using MYOB’s AccountRight Premier, moving to TradeGecko with a Xero integration as they grew. Even before Allure opened their new stores, that software combination wasn’t delivering the functionality the company needed – and syncing between the two was becoming a hassle.

When the stores opened, they were joint ventures and Allure needed a system that could manage separate companies. “On top of that, we were struggling with purchase orders, which were done manually through Excel. We sell a lot of products sourced from local wholesalers, so that was a really time-consuming effort.” 

The system was complete overkill. We employ 50 people, and the old system required three or four dedicated team members to manage it.

Matthew Luong

Inventory Controller

The solution

The main thing that drew us to Advanced was the inter-branch mapping, which allows us to control stock between different stores, move stock from one location to the other, and make branch stock adjustments automatically.

Matthew Luong

Inventory Controller

Although Matthew wasn’t specifically searching the market for an ERP system, he says Advanced was the most suitable solution after an extensive search online.

Allure Bathrooms worked with their MYOB business partner to launch Advanced across all four of their stores and their warehouse. Matthew says they had great communication throughout the whole implementation process and went “the extra mile during launch.”

The business partner also customised the software to suit the organisation’s specific needs.

This included simple adjustments like additional fields on quote and sales order screens, and low stock level warning signs. They implemented restricted user access on default unit prices, shipment confirmations and credit memos.

“Those minor customisations made things more convenient,” Matthew says. “Advanced has made it much easier, much more automated.”

The Outcome

Allure Bathrooms has been enjoying the benefits of their ERP system for almost three years now, and Matthew says the system has provided “the groundwork for future growth” – automating purchase orders, simplifying inventory and ordering, streamlining stock processes and providing better tracking on deliveries.

Matthew explains how Advanced has saved them a lot of time processing purchase orders every day, thanks to a single tick-box that automatically creates a P.O. from a quote.

He says with bathroom builds they deal with a lot of partial shipments, and they’re now easily able to crosscheck the value of an order versus how much the customer has paid – and keep track of what items have been delivered.

Advanced has provided the groundwork for future growth by giving us a system that will incorporate multiple branches, multiple warehouses, and stock moving between warehouses regularly.

Matthew Luong

Inventory Controller

They’ve also been able to customise Advanced so it takes into account which store, and therefore which warehouse, order fulfilment will be made from.

“One of our stores has its own mini-warehouse, so they barely use the distribution centre. Before, they would always have to manually change the warehouse on every order for every item. Now, if you’re in their branch, Advanced will automatically go to their warehouse,” he says. “Advanced has made it much easier, much more automated”.

Previously sales teams could override set prices, which would undermine profits. The staff restrictions on default unit prices, shipment confirmations, and credit memos allow management to have better control over their pricing and profit margins.

Lastly, issues with inventory management are no longer a problem – especially for Matthew. “For our custom items, we require full payment in advance. Now, before I order, I can easily see if a customer has paid enough for me to order the parts or product – without clicking into an order.”

Advanced has been a bit of a learning curve, but Matthew says once they’re trained, “Advanced makes life so much easier.”

The future looks bright for Allure Bathrooms, which is now well-set to grow and expand. Matthew says having a system that can cope with multiple branches, multiple warehouses, moving stock, and cost-sharing across branches is exactly what they need to push their business forward.

We have trust in the MYOB brand and as it turned out their Advanced solution really did have everything we needed.

Marie Kapetanakis

CEO, Kosmea Australia

The functionality of MYOB Advanced met our many needs including customer special pricing, advanced stock management, a customer portal as well as CRM. 

Courtney Purcell

General Manager, Codecom