Workbench Project Management

  • Workbench is management software designed to meet the day to day operational requirements of companies delivering projects. It is cloud based and designed to integrate to the full suite of MYOB Accounting products, including MYOB Advanced.

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What to know.

Workbench is management software designed to meet the day to day operational requirements of companies delivering projects. It’s cloud-based and designed to integrate with full suite of MYOB Accounting products, including MYOB Advanced.

The software is very functional and highly configurable meaning you can opt for a simple out of the box solution if you are a small business.

Alternatively it can be extensively tailored to your requirements if you are a larger more complex business. Workbench has been developed to enable project staff to take control of their projects and have confidence in their financial management whilst unifying the operational and accounting aspects of the business.

Key Features

Job Costing

    Define your own Job Costing structures. Setup jobs the way they need to be managed independent of your accounting system structures.

    • Multiple company support
    • Multiple Divisions/Profit Centres
    • Job Templates for ease of setup
    • Job and sub-job Hierarchy (6 levels)
    • Generic or job-specific Job Work Centres
    • User-Defined Costing Activities
    • Comprehensive Job Level Security
    • Purpose-built Management and Enquiry screens
    • Multiple Billing methods

Contract Management

    Manage your contracts concisely with all the information arranged logically in an easy to understand and navigate layout.

    • Formally manage the Contract scope of work and margin
    • Track Actuals vs Budgets with comprehensive inquiries
    • Price and Manage Variations
    • Contract Claim and Schedule Management
    • Track Retentions and Bank Guarantees
    • Real-time Cost to Complete Forecasting
    • Contract Document Templates and track communications
    • Production Measurement to drive the cost to complete variances
    • Contract Cashflows

Subcontract Management, Project Manager

    • Maintain a formal scope of work and track variations
    • Formal claim certification processing
    • Track Subcontractor Insurances and monitor expiry
    • Attaching of Certificates / Insurances
    • Automated calculation of retentions
    • Retention control over all Subcontracts and forecast release dates
    • Document Templates and Subcontract communication tracking

Subcontract Management, Subcontractor

    • Portal option
    • Update insurance information
    • Request Variations
    • Submit Progress Claims
    • Communications tracking
    • Receive subcontract updates / notifications

Field Mobility, Service and Maintenance

    • Schedule planned and reactive work
    • Full mobile app with offline capability
    • User-definable maintenance forms and checklists
    • Real-time tracking of staff via phone location
    • Mobile Quotes and Invoices

Field Mobility, Mobile Forms

    • Easily create custom electronic forms
    • Advanced input controls with dozens of standard UI Elements e.g. questions, dropdowns, checkboxes, multi-select, date, True / False etc
    • Configurable workflows
    • GPS and Time Stamps
    • Signature capture on mobile
    • Native integration with Camera, Voice to Text etc
    • Automatic e-mail archiving

Business Intelligence

    A secure "Out of the Box" reporting solution, featuring personalised dashboards, report packs a powerful engine and integration framework delivering simplified intelligence.

    • The Query Builder uses drag and drop to select filters and outputs. The query engine will construct the query on the fly and optimise the syntax
    • Query results can be previewed in the Query Builder to assist in query design and Preview grid supports drill for further analysis
    • Web channel displays tabular HTML and rendered charts using Kendo UI for beautiful graphical presentation with drill-down facility
    • Real-time data views Excel® Addin with secure and direct access to data sources – refresh with current data
    • For pixel-perfect report layouts, Publisher has a WYSIWYG report designer that can output reports to PDF, HTML and Microsoft Word

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