Phocas Business Intelligence Software

Powerful data insights for MYOB Advanced users

  • Get even more reporting power and deeper insights from the data in your MYOB Advanced ERP system.

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What to know.

Phocas Software integrates directly with MYOB Advanced, to further enhance your reporting and analytics capabilities.

From easy-to-use dashboards to the lightning-fast analysis of your data, Phocas allows you to see the big picture at a glance and drill into the underlying detail. The business intelligence software is designed for all job roles including non-technical people. This means everyone can carry out complex data queries and build reports in a few simple clicks.

As well as adding value to your MYOB Advanced solution, you can also include other data sources such as CRM or POS into Phocas.

Phocas is a business intelligence company that helps whole distribution, manufacturing, and retail businesses get results from their data. The software helps people to see trends, anomalies and comparisons and then take action.

Phocas is a cloud solution allowing users access to critical data on any internet-enabled device, anytime.

Key Features

Analysis, where the magic happens!

    • Follow your train of thought
    • Designed to fit your industry and typical role-based KPIs
    • One version of the truth, companywide
    • Share datasets, views, reports, and findings with others based on your access rules
    • No set drill paths and canned reports, slice and dice to suit you
    • You can’t break it!


    • Dashboards give the full picture
    • Customer scorecards enrich conversations
    • Improve individual or team performance with live tracking
    • Chart or graph findings and share

Integrating with MYOB Advanced

    • Phocas integrates with MYOB Advanced using the built-in General Enquiry function
    • We provide pre-built inquiries that are picked up using the API function of MYOB Advanced
    • The integration is then scheduled to run as often as required to provide end-users with up-to-date data that can be accessed anytime, anywhere

See it in action.

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