• Free your cash from unpaid invoices. Free your team from manual tasks. Streamline your accounts receivable and credit management processes with one platform that drives efficiency and revenue.

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What to know.

ezyCollect easily integrates with MYOB to get you paid faster.

  • Automates time-consuming manual AR tasks to save time
  • Boosts productivity with tools and insights at your fingertips
  • Gives your customers a seamless payables experience 
  • ezyCollect offers one-on-one customer support and free ongoing training

Key Features

Debtor CRM

    • One source of truth for all AR data and activity
    • Easily identify overdue accounts
    • Have peace of mind that every invoice is tracked to payment
    • Use filters to slice and dice data in seconds
    • Daily customers-to-call list

Automated Communications

    • Schedule a series of automated reminders into a disciplined workflow
    • Select from multiple channels so your reminders reach debtors via email, SMS, post (even fax)
    • Auto-attach invoice copies
    • Collates all overdue amounts into a single reminder
    • Customer-level opt out

Online Payment Portal

    • ‘Pay Now’ button from invoices, sales orders and emails
    • Payment portal shows your debtor all open invoices with options to pay multiple invoices or part-pay invoices
    • Choose to automatically surcharge credit card fees
    • Allocates payments received to MYOB Advanced

Credit Insights

    • Dashboard reporting of every customer’s level of credit risk to your business
    • Add high-risk customers to a real-time alerts service
    • Automated connection to your ERP, no manual upload of ATB required
    • On-demand B2B credit reports

Easily Escalate to Debt Collection

    • Continue to collect debt by adding a demand letter to your communication workflow
    • You can either choose your own preferred debt collector or use ezyCollect’s partner

Customer support your business can rely on

    • Phone and email support
    • In-app messaging
    • Installation and go-live support
    • 1:1 online training

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