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  • eveXso is a seamless integration tool to help you expertly manage your inventory, whether it’s products, people, assets or even animals.

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What to know.

Designed to take care of the nuts and bolts of your organisation simply, intuitively & effectively, so you don’t have to. Easy to get started, One-click loads all the info you need. Cloud-Based with separate databases for super-fast processing. eveXso offers incredible inventory accuracy. Recent Audited Stocktake showed:

  • 99.87% accuracy
  • 35% reduction in staff cost
  • 50% reduction is despatch errors

Key Features

Goods Receipts

    • Simple and intuitive iPod application with attached scanner where required.
    • Superfast receipting
    • Receive multiple suppliers on one delivery
    • Capture date codes

Put Away

    • Each pallet/item becomes a put-away item
    • License plating for 2 scan put away
    • Easily see what is happening in each area


    • Smart, prioritised and colour coded replenishment tasks
    • No need to set minimums and maximums, eveXso works out when replenishment is needed

Stock Check

    • True, real-time checking. No more work interruptions
    • Count single locations or all product locations
    • Super fast processing


    • iPod with scanner or iPad interfaces
    • iPod pick and pack multiple orders concurrently
    • Pick by order, customer or run (wave picking)
    • Fast, simple and easy to use
    • Prioritise to suit your processes

Packing & Palletising

    • Drag and Drop packing interface
    • Create, configure and complete pallets as you pick
    • Print barcoded labels showing box/pallet contents

Delivery Management

    • Sequence customers by run. Customers can be on multiple runs
    • Notifications to the transport team when a customer is added or a run is changed


    • Load Pallets or Cartons / Packs
    • Drag and Drop interface
    • Compartment Loading e.g. Freezer compartment with bulkhead

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