Dataline AP Automation

  • Dataline’s Accounts Payable Invoice Automation will help you save time and money by managing your current manual processes associated with accounts payable.

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What to know.

Dataline’s Invoice Automation is delivered as a simple three-step process:

1. Delivery:
Send your invoices to Dataline, either as email attachments or in hard copy

2. Capture and Verification:
Dataline creates images and metadata for each invoice

3. Invoice:
Loaded to MYOB Advanced. This includes exception management

Key Features

Invoice Delivery and Capture

    • Dataline receives invoices from customers and processes them at the bureau processing center. This enables metadata and images of the invoices to be delivered to the Dataline web portal ready for processing. Portal users review and approve/match invoices, which are then automatically uploaded into MYOB Advanced ready for payment.

Intelligent Scanning

    • All invoices will be scanned in customer-specific batches using Dataline’s Invoice Capture Software. Each customer has its own profile, ensuring the segregation of customers’ invoices. The data extraction process includes a verification task. Dataline operators view and manually rectify data fields which the scanning solution couldn’t validate, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

Information Retention

    • Long-term invoice archival of images and data is provided by Dataline, storing invoice images in the Dataline portal for 7 years.

Exception Management

    • Dataline provides enhanced exception management capabilities through its invoice processing web portal (cloud offering). Validated invoices are placed on their corresponding supplier queues for further processing. Invoices that fail validation are placed on exception queues for customer review. Finance staff review and modify invoices in exception queues and manually place invoices onto supplier queues for further processing.

Invoice Workflows and Approval

    • Where an invoice can be matched to a Purchase Order and Receipt, it can be processed automatically by the Dataline Portal. This is known as a “three-way match” leading to “Straight Through Processing”. Non-PO invoices are allocated to a workflow that routes invoices for review and approval based on your business rules.

MYOB Advanced Integration and Synchronisation

    • Dataline’s invoice processing solution encompasses automated data synchronisation with MYOB Advanced, including the update of stock codes, general ledger accounts, job data to the Dataline portal and upload of approved invoices from the Portal to MYOB Advanced at the timing and frequency you decide.

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