• by Matt
  • 04/09/2015 01:07:28

Using the OData to create dynamic reports in MYOB Advanced - easily!

Using the OData
functionality to create links embedded into your MYOB Advanced application:

Beyond being a core cloud
ERP solution MYOB Advanced is a system designed for collecting, storing, and
maintaining data from various parts of the organisations operations. To gain
insight into the data MYOB Advanced allows the creation of customised generic
inquiries that intern expose the data from the MYOB Advanced platform to OData
enabled applications like Microsoft Excel. SO the question becomes - but why
would you want to do this?

Given the wide use of
Microsoft Excel and Office365 there is often a base level of understanding and
knowledge of the operation of the application making the use of dynamic
reporting easy and scalable – rather than technical and time consuming report
writing tools.

Using Excel embedded within
MYOB Advanced you are able to drill down on your MYOB Advanced data to create
tables and charts. Furthermore the OData functionality is a live link allowing
real time reporting of the data in MYOB Advanced in either the embedded or
desktop versions of Microsoft Excel. Data can be refreshed manually or simply
set to refresh at your chosen interval.

In my example, I have
created a simple Pivot table and chart showing a MYOB Advanced project using
Actual verses Budget figures by period.

This is a very nice feature
available for MYOB Advanced users, but we just don’t want to stop here.

Now using the excel file I
created I am able to embed this within MYOB Advanced. With using Excel Online,
you can upload the excel file to your one drive account and access the data
online anywhere.  Since Excel Online uses
a web address to access the excel file, this allows you to be able to create a
link within MYOB Advanced and show the data just like any normal screen within the
MYOB Advanced cloud platform.

Within MYOB Advanced you can
use the filters as you would normally do within excel.

I can change my view from
showing all financial periods to the July period.

This nifty functionality
allows you to view customised tables and charts within MYOB Advanced anytime
and anywhere.

Do you want to explore this functionality further - talk to one of our experienced MYOB Advanced consultants at BusinessHub to discuss how we can assist you utilise OData in MYOB Advanced to make best use of this cloud ERP solution.