• by David
  • 29/01/2016 02:24:34

How do I choose the correct ERP solution? 3 tips to get the best solution for your business

So your business
needs an ERP system – what does that mean and why do you need it? We meet many
clients in exactly this situation asking themselves these questions. To assist
in making the process easier take a moment to review these tips. It will make
the decision process easier with an implementation outcome exactly in line with
your requirements, so let’s kick off with exactly that – requirements…..

1. Current likes, future
needs and the wants
Defining your
current likes is critical, they may be simple but outlining them gives great
insight into the core business requirements. Example of this might be reports
that are often used and provide insight into the business drivers, the way in
which users interact with data and areas of flexibility required in our
specific industry.

Future needs focus
the evaluation on core requirements that must be met – these drive the first
phase of an implementation and provide you with a clear roadmap of where you
intend on getting to in the short term of an ERP implementation.

The wants are
always tricky but critical – these should be high level goals of the business
and what is required of the ERP solution to assist in reaching them. Use these
wants as a way to uncover the functionality reach of the 
short-listed ERP
solutions the business is evaluating.

2. Research the
There are many
solutions in the market place but trusting the information can be the trickiest
part – there are a few sources we recommend you go to first. Trusted
relationships you have with other businesses using ERP solutions is the best
place to begin, they will give you a frank and honest evaluation of the
solution and importantly the implementation partner who took them on the
journey to business improvement.

There are a number
of websites that provide an evaluation of the ERP solutions, these are good
when you want a nuts and bolts comparison of the ERP solutions available – be mindful
of the detail and highlight the areas you need more information on.

Case studies are a
great source of knowledge – these are completed by current clients about their
requirements and experience in implementing. Furthermore ask if you can contact
some case study providers directly to ask more questions.

3. Experience it in
real life
A demo is great –
that give you a good feeling of the solution but better still is to ask the
question – can I have a go. The implementation partner you choose should
provide a working demonstration – be smart about this part and get the
functional areas you want configured so you can feel how it works in action.
You don’t need to use the whole lot but the bits that really matter

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