• by David
  • 03/08/2017 12:39:28

Approval of Accounts Payable Documents:

Approval of Accounts Payable Documents:
Did you know that there is a new functionality in MYOB Advanced that lets you set up the process of approving Accounts Payable (AP) Document of the designated processing the documents in the system and paying them. 

How is this useful?
Pre-approving individual AP documents can be used to prevent double up payments or bills that may lead to inaccurate or fraudulent bills. 

What else is cool?
The approvals can be performed by either one person or multiple people – which means more flexibility! 

When multiple persons are designated to approve a document, they can approve it either in parallel (the documents are reviewed by multiple approvers at the same time), or in multiple successive stages (that is, once one employee has approved the document, it becomes available for approval by the next employee). 

We can assist you in setting up both processes in MYOB Advanced.

Setting Up Approval of Accounts Payable Documents
Firstly, you need to configure the ‘Approval Map’ or “Maps on the Assignment’ form.

A map defines the employee or employees designated for approving AP documents, and the conditions that AP documents must match to be assigned for approval.

Once the maps are created, specify the required ones on the ‘Approval’ tab of the ‘Accounts Payable Preferences’ form. 

The ‘Approval Workflow’ functionality can be set up via the Account Payable Preferences form.

You also can specify the template of the notification email to be used by the system for notifying approvers about the documents pending their approval.

Processing Accounts Payable Documents with Approval Set Up
With approvals set up, when an Accounts Payable document is created, saved, and taken off hold on the Bills and Adjustments form, it gets the Pending Approval status. 

The responsible approver receives an email notification if an email notification template is specified for this approval process) about the document pending his or her approval, and can review the documents pending approval on the Approvals form.

On this form, the approver can select one record or multiple records in the list and approve the documents, or approve or reject each particular document directly on the Bills and Adjustments form. 

You can view the detailed approval information for each Accounts Payable document on the Approval Details tab of the Bills and Adjustments form. On this tab, you can view to whom the document was assigned, who approved the bill, and when approval was granted. 

You can make changes in the approved document once you put it on hold. After you take the document off hold, the approval process starts again. 

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