MYOB Advanced Workforce management

One integrated platform for all your staffing processes 

Set in the cloud, MYOB Advanced Workforce Management is a workforce management solution that seamlessly integrates into MYOB Advanced to improve the way you onboard, roster, track and pay your staff.

A one-stop-shop for workforce management 

Chances are you’ve got a workforce that’s more excited about watching paint dry than your current workforce management processes. That’s because it involves several complex moving parts – from hiring and onboarding to rostering and leave to payroll and timesheets. In short, it’s a symphony of chaos that can give anyone a headache.

Thankfully, there’s a better way to manage and connect all those key processes, a cloud business management solution. Here are just some of the benefits for your business: 

Simpler, speedier onboarding 

  • Create custom onboarding processes for new employees. 
  • Collect documentation digitally, improving speed and security. 

Streamlined rostering + leave 

  • Auto-fill shifts with available staff with the right skills while meeting employee agreements and legislative requirements. 
  • Get an accurate view of payroll costs for specific shifts and locations.
  • Eliminate unapproved overtime and shift clashes – the platform can access and use availability details and overlaps. 

Connect + empower employees 

  • Let employees view and manage their details through a remote portal. 
  • Simplify leave with instant leave requests and approvals.

The Solution:

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management

Because your team deserves better

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management (WFM) is a software solution that helps businesses streamline and automate the processes that manage employees’ time, organise and deploy their labour force efficiently, enable employee and manager self-service for leave, roster management & pay transparency, and ensure employee safety and contract (award) compliance. 

A powerful combination: With MYOB Advanced Payroll and Workforce Management you can host employee payslips via the employee self-service app, online or by email. All with password protection.

Push notifications can be delivered once new payslips are published. And you can easily upload important documents to employee records like contracts, which can then be viewed on the web or via the app.

Workforce Management makes it that simple.

Compliance made easy

Workforce Management also features ‘Smart Roster Automation’, which instantly fills shifts with staff who are available and have the right skills while also following Award compliance rules.

Connect. Configure. Empower. 

Here’s how a unified platform makes all the difference.


Handle all staff management processes in one place for a comprehensive view of employee details, day-to-day staffing, and fewer errors and delays. 


Configure workflows to fit your needs, creating custom onboarding and rostering experiences for your staff. 


Automate parts of your process, like onboarding – for speed, simplicity and improved accuracy. 

Features and Benefits

+ Paperless onboarding for employees, with customisable workflows

+ Template rostering, standard hours allocation, or smart rostering matching employees with the right skills and availability to available shifts

+ Leave management, via the roster or a mobile app

+ Capture actual hours worked via a timesheet, time clocks or mobile devices (with photo verification and geo locations)

+ Award interpretation and timesheet costing functionality

+ Integration with Cognology, Go1(LMS) enableHR & Bundy Clocks, as well as MYOB Advanced Payroll

Ready for a workforce upgrade?

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