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When it comes to helping businesses gain real-time control over their operations, to streamlining sales, purchasing and logistics processes, look no further than MYOB Advanced. Improve your supply chain, drive customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

It’s time to get your warehouse connected

We understand the challenges that wholesale distribution businesses face.

Customer special pricing, margin visibility, meeting fast-changing customer demands for expansive product lines and features, access to inventory and pricing information on the go, optimising stock levels across multiple warehouses, e-commerce and 3PL platform integrations are just the beginning of the challenges that bring wholesalers to us.

Whether you’re seeking ERP software to help your business get full visibility of your inventory, improve profitability and inventory accuracy, reduce delivery cycles, automate manual tasks or simplify the number of systems and apps you’re using, MYOB Advanced can provide a scaleable, unifying, cloud ERP platform and become the heart of your distribution business.

Start today: Increase efficiency with software designed specifically for wholesale distributors by streamlining your inventory management, procurement and sales operations.

Wholesale + distribution

business challenges

Supply chain + operational complexity

Make the complex simple: When your sales, inventory and purchasing details all sit in one central area, resources, budgets and scheduling, can be easily managed – leading to decisions that are made more effectively and timely.

Lack of visibility on costs, processes + real-time data

Complete visibility to make informed decisions: With access to real-time insights and complete visibility across your business, you can eliminate outdated and inaccurate data to improve collaboration and make informed business decisions.

Reducing stock levels to
align with demand

Reduce stock levels + expand growth: By being able to forecast inventory requirements based on sales demand and supplier lead times you can optimise stock holdings, free up cash flow and allow your wholesale distribution business to continue to grow.

MYOB Advanced

platform benefits


Easier workflows for sales and purchasing designed to reduce effort and duplication of tasks.


Real-time inventory, dashboards and 360-degree view of operations.


Enable growth aligned with ambition through this scalable cloud platform.


Powerful enterprise solution supported by leading AWS cloud technology.


Anywhere access to a single source of data via web UI or mobile warehousing, sales & purchasing.


Gain company-wide efficiencies in sales and CRM through to execution and inventory sourcing.


Achieve accuracy in forecasting, stock levels, order processing & financial reporting.


Integrate MYOB Advanced with other best-in-class solutions for an embedded user experience.

MYOB Advanced:

Wholesale + distribution overview


Integrate Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service with your Financials to Generate More Leads, Close More Sales, and Improve Customer Loyalty.

Warehouse Management

Streamline fulfilment & put away to reduce errors, increase productivity and efficiently manage your advanced warehouse needs.

Financial Management

Best in class, fully integrated platform to manage your entire business, with flexible, real-time reporting.

Cost Management

Build confidence in accurate inventory valuation per warehouse to make informed pricing decisions to ensure profitable business growth.

Inventory Management

Simplify inventory management with features designed to optimise inventory levels with flexibility to fit to your inventory control mechanisms across multiple locations. 

Sales Cycle

Give your sales & service departments real-time data to improve customer services as they manage sales activities from quotes, sales orders, creating shipments, tracking prices, applying discounts, checking available inventory to custom invoicing. 


Improve suppler relationships while utilising powerful replenishment logic to ensure a steady supply of inventory, while enforcing company purchasing policies & process controls.

MYOB Advanced functionality:

Customer order management


Purchase order management

Project accounting



Contract management


Inventory management

Service management

Customer portal

Warehouse management

Financial management

  • Multiple customer and supplier price lists and order discounting policies
  • Detailed inventory information, including supplier codes, cost, and sale price history
  • End-to-end sales order and backorder process management, including landed cost calculations and automatic customer notifications
  • Barcode scanning to automate warehouse management functions
  • Inventory level and cost tracking across multiple warehouses
  • Serial and batch tracking
  • Kit assembly
  • Multiple bin locations with pick priorities
  • Stock level optimisation and re-order options using business rules
  • Enterprise-level financial and budgeting features
  • Field service management
  • Customer service case management
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multi-company support with inter-company consolidation
  • Sales pipeline process to manage leads and easily convert to sales orders
  • CRM database with marketing lists and email campaigns
  • Customer portal for customers to view and download invoices and statements, check inventory, add to cart and then check out sales orders

MYOB Advanced Wholesale + Distribution

Gain insight into every corner of your operations. Predict product demand and analyse real-time data with precise ERP reporting. Feel the pulse of your business and make better-informed decisions. Get your Demo Now.

“We have multi warehouse requirements which requires stock to be held in an outsourced warehouse, a 3rd party manufacturing site, as well as holding stock in our own office, all of which needs to be identified at a moment’s notice. Plus, as we sell into overseas markets it was crucial our software could continue to easily and simply handle multiple currencies… we have trust in the MYOB brand and as it turned out their Advanced solution really did have everything we needed”.

Marie Kapetanakis

CEO, Kosmea Australia


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