5 ways your competitors are growing with ERP 

How do wholesale distributors use cloud ERP to scale up and manage growth?

As distributors grow, so does the complexity of warehouse management. Cloud ERP increases efficiency and optimises warehouse operations so wholesale distributors can keep operations running smoothly and turn a profit as the business continues to grow.

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Move to a single, integrated solution

Relying on multiple systems can lead to late customer deliveries, costly rush orders, poor service and lost sales. Siloed data also makes it difficult to access the information you need to manage cash flow. Cloud ERP reduces these inefficiencies by automating your processes and bringing your data together to give you valuable insights into your inventory and warehouse operations.

Streamline inventory management

Cloud ERP systems give you greater control over inventory, so you can manage stock efficiently. It ensures inventory accuracy and gives you the flexibility to configure warehouse layouts including locations, bins, containers, and slotting requirements based on inventory volume.

Free up time with automation

With an integrated cloud ERP, you can automate your warehouse operations to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your processes. You’ll be amazed how much valuable time you’ll save.

Increase customer satisfaction

Cloud ERP streamlines your distribution process and helps you deliver customer orders on time. Provide customer friendly self-service and simple order and returns procedures to ensure a smooth experience for your customers. Providing exceptional service helps you boost sales and remain competitive.

Reduce your running costs

Relying on multiple systems costs more thank you think. Not only can the cost of multiple systems add up, but you also have the cost of errors and issues caused by an ad hoc solution. An integrated cloud ERP system is cost-effective in the long run.