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MYOB Advanced upgrades FAQs

MYOB Advanced upgrades follow a deployment process to deliver new features, functions and fixes to users. MYOB deploys upgrades over the year, and major upgrades are scheduled to occur twice each year.

No upgrades are scheduled in December or January. 

Scheduled upgrade deployments for MYOB Advanced

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Can I reschedule my upgrade?

You can change the day of your upgrade to another deployment window in the same cohort month by providing us with at least 14 days’ notice.  ASAP after you receive notice of your planned upgrade date, please notify BusinessHub if your upgrade is scheduled when you will have a pay open or if there is another reason why the upgrade cannot proceed on the scheduled date. 

Can I delay the upgrade?

You can opt-out of 1 of the 2 deployments in each 12-month period. MYOB typically likes to avoid opt-outs as upgrades contain many new features and fixes that keep the software relevant. MYOB also likes to keep clients as up-to-date with the latest software as possible in order to avoid any major upgrade disruptions to their business going forward.  Again, if you need to opt-out, please provide BusinessHub with at least 14 days’ notice. 

How will I know which version I will be upgraded to?

Your MYOB Advanced site will be upgraded to the latest software version that is available 45 days before their scheduled upgrade month. The latest MYOB Advanced Release Notes are available here. 

What time of day will upgrades occur?

MYOB’s deployments are scheduled for after-hours 10 pm NZT – 6 am NZT 

Will my site be available during this deployment?

Your site will not be available during the upgrade period of 10 pm NZT – 6 am NZT on your scheduled deployment date. 

What software release will be deployed?

The release that is deployed is generally the most recent software release available at the time of sandbox creation (30 days prior to the upgrade date). 

How are hotfixes managed?

Hotfixes will be deployed by MYOB on a needs basis to sites that require the hotfix through the year rather than being limited to your cohort month.

Can I change my scheduled deployment to another cohort month?

Your MYOB Advanced site is allocated a cohort month in the first and second half of the calendar year to provide predictability and certainty around upgrades MYOB.  For that reason, MYOB discourages changing cohort months without good reason – they are generally locked in for the year. 

Do I get a sandbox for pre-upgrade testing purposes for every upgrade?

An upgrade sandbox will be provided by MYOB approximately 30 days prior to your Major upgrade date for your 2 annual deployments. BusinessHub requests a sandbox for your upgrades unless you ask us not to. Please email if you do not require a sandbox. 

What happens if I find a critical issue in the sandbox?

If your sandbox testing uncovers a high or critical issue, please log a support case with and our team will work with you to resolve or escalate the issue as required. If necessary, we may need to reschedule the upgrade in consultation with you and MYOB. 

Will implementation sites be upgraded as a matter of course until they go live?

Yes, implementation sites will be managed as a production site, as long as the site is active it will be scheduled for upgrade. The option to opt-out of one upgrade in a 12-month period should resolve any issues with timing. Sites will be assigned to a cohort month when they are provisioned and subsequently upgraded 5 months after provisioning. 

Who receives upgrade notifications and messages?

Notifications are sent by MYOB in-app to users that belong to the Advanced system administration role. BusinessHub also notifies the client’s nominated Decision-Maker and System Contacts of their upgrade via email. 

What happens if my site fails to upgrade?

BusinessHub will contact you if your site fails to upgrade and follow up with MYOB to understand the reason for the failure and the next steps to resolve the issue. The site will be moved to a later deployment window to allow sufficient time for resolution. 

When is my upgrade sandbox available?

MYOB aims to provision upgrade sandboxes 30 days prior to your scheduled upgrade date, and BusinessHub will email the sandbox details to you as soon as practicable after it has been provisioned by MYOB.

When do upgrade sandboxes get deleted?

4 days after your MYOB site is upgraded, your upgrade sandbox is deleted by MYOB.

Can I request my upgrade to be done at a specific time? Eg: 3 am

The upgrade maintenance period begins at 10 pm NZT to 6 am NZT. Due to the process required to upgrade client sites and unexpected issues that may arise during an upgrade, MYOB cannot guarantee a time when a site will be upgraded. MYOB endeavours to ensure that the site will be operational at 6 am NZT. We can request MYOB to make alternative upgrade windows available for international sites on a case-by-case basis.

Upgrade Preparation

An upgrade sandbox is a copy of your live MYOB Advanced site that has been upgraded to the latest version of MYOB Advanced that is available at the time the sandbox is created.  Your sandbox is isolated from your live database, but you should limit your pre-upgrade testing to running reports/inquiries and processing transactions in your sandbox. When testing, do not attempt to: 

  • upload any payment files to your bank account 
  • apply for bank feeds in your sandbox, or download bank feed data 
  • submit any super batches via PaySuper or your superannuation clearing house 
  • send emails, payslips or notifications from your sandbox 
  • send STP reports (see below for how to disable STP reporting in your sandbox). 

Here are our top tips to prepare for your upgrade:

1. Plan your testing

Planning is important to ensure that you test a reasonable sample of your usual transactions, processes, reports and inquiries, with a focus on any custom integrations, workflows, reports, forms and inquiries.  We recommend that you distribute the pre-upgrade testing work amongst the users that usually perform those transactions or processes in MYOB Advanced. That way, you are more likely to pick up any issues as your users will know what results they are expecting, and the testing will be completed more quickly if you have more users testing. BusinessHub can provide you with a Release Readiness Test Plan template to help you plan your pre-upgrade testing. 

2. Ensure STP reporting is disabled in your sandbox before testing payroll.

Deselect ‘Enable STP’ on the STP tab of the Payroll Preferences screen (MPPP1100) in your sandbox and save.  

3. Ensure Email Processing is suspended in your sandbox.

Select ‘Suspend Email Processing’ on the Email Preferences screen (SM204001) in your sandbox and save. 

4. Republish your current customisations in your sandbox before testing.

Unpublish All and Publish the relevant customisation packages on the Publish Customisation screen (SM204505). If you experience any validation errors, please let us know ASAP so that we can assist you further.  

5. Update your customisation packages for the Latest Release Version.

If you have a customisation that was prepared by a third party or add-on provider, ask them for an  updated customisation package.  If the customisation package was prepared by BusinessHub or MYOB, we can arrange for it to be updated.  BusinessHub can publish the current Workforce Management customisation package upon request. 

6. Advise your add-on solution providers of your upgrade date

If you use any third-party applications in connection with MYOB Advanced, advise your add-on provider of your upgrade date. Your add-on provider may be able to supply a website staging instance or further instructions on testing.

7. Book a Pre-Upgrade Review 

Booking a pre-upgrade review with our Client Success Team for individualised assistance with your upgrade will ensure everything goes smoothly. This includes guidance on testing, a review of your customisation packages and integrations, and how to deploy the new upgrade features. You can do this by clicking on the green button below.

For further information

Book a Pre-Upgrade Reviewwith our Client Success Team for individualised assistance with your upgrade, including guidance on testing, a review of your customisation packages and integrations, and how to deploy the new upgrade features.