Intelligent, cloud payroll software

Payroll is a core compliance function in every business, but it can often be complex and time consuming. The right payroll software will save your business time, money, and enable you to be compliant with the ATO.

That’s where MYOB Advanced Payroll steps in.

MYOB Advanced Payroll

MYOB Advanced Payroll is designed for payroll information to flow between functions, reducing duplication of effort, and manual data entry and providing real-time business insights for the Australian mid-market.

MYOB Advanced Payroll is a modern, full-featured online payroll solution developed on the MYOB Advanced Platform. It’s perfect for leading-edge businesses who want to take advantage of a modern payroll solution that is embedded within the same platform as your ERP to further simplify your business processes and improve efficiencies.

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Reduce errors and risks with streamlined payroll processing. Gain a real understanding of how MYOB Advanced Payroll can help you connect your business like never before.

Powerful Payroll Management

MYOB Advanced Payroll lets you configure employees with a wide variety of pay items, including multiple wage types and hourly rates. Always in front, the system is STP Phase 2 compliant and designed to make paying staff a seamless process.

Payroll Compliance made easy

MYOB Advanced Payroll manages tax and compliance updates with minimum fuss thanks to a dynamic online tax engine. MYOB Advanced Payroll upgrades automatically so you are always using of the latest tax rates.

Superior payroll reporting

Key reporting needs are provided by in-form views, removing the need to print and read reports. Information can be further analysed through one-touch exporting of data to Microsoft Excel.

Reduced data entry

MYOB Advanced Payroll can operate as a standalone payroll solution or it can fully integrate with MYOB Advanced Business (ERP). Combining both solutions will yield real-time benefits –  including enhanced reporting, full GL data transfer, transaction history and audit tracking.

Incredibly flexible. Always compliant

MYOB Advanced Payroll is a feature packed payroll solution that has powerful pay item and entitlement functions, catering to many employees needs. It allows for multiple employee pay groups across several pay frequencies, giving you more control to manage payroll, your way. Want to know more? Fill out the form below.