Cloud ERP for Manufacturers

A specific edition for the Australian manufacturing industry. Manage every aspect of your operations in one place. Boost efficiency with a comprehensive, mobile, manufacturing ERP designed to meet your unique needs.

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses need accurate and timely information about their production costs, capacity and scheduling.

This allows them to improve the accuracy of their quoting, production planning and inventory replenishment, identify production innovation and improvement opportunities and improve product margin and customer satisfaction.

But amortising R&D in technology-centric production, allocating labour and overheads to production costs, managing inventory levels, and change orders and tracking quality assurance measures and production batches are difficult to achieve unless you have a system in place to efficiently manage all that data.

Whether you’re seeking production order tracking or scheduling with barcode integration, bill of material management, production cost visibility, or material requirements planning (MRP) functionality, MYOB Advanced Manufacturing can provide a scalable unifying, cloud platform and become the heart of your kit assembly, make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project-centric, job shop, batch or repetitive manufacturing business.

Gain total visibility and control

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing is a cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that connects every part of your business to support your ambitions.

Manage production planning, financial management, CRM, inventory management and sales orders in one unified platform.

It’s designed for discrete and process manufacturing industries such as machinery and equipment, fabricated metal products, food products, transport and furniture products.


Why consider MYOB Advanced Manufacturing?

+ Manage your business on one cloud platform for anywhere, anytime access on any device

+ Access real-time visibility to identify issues quickly and make informed decisions

+ Efficiently manage distribution process with system-wide inventory control

+ Automate manual processes and achieve greater productivity, reducing errors and duplication of work

+ Easily connect with other software providers so you can customise the platform to meet you unique needs

+ Designed specifically for Australian manufacturing businesses

+ MYOB Advanced Manufacturing scales as your business grows

Key features for manufacturers

Financial insight

Gain visibility and insight into any job or project that your company embarks on. Flexible real-time reporting on the costs, status and profitability of each job provides the necessary information each manager needs for success.

Plan required materials

Complete visibility of what staff are working on, gives managers a visual way to allocate work and maximise productivity. Easily identify staff who are over capacity, re-assign and shift resources as needed.

Shift priorities as needed

Adjustable data allows for unusual events, seasonal changes, new product lines, distribution channels or unexpected demand peaks or troughs. Our ERP software provides for flexible modelling to allow for ‘what-if’ forecasting.

Focused forecasting

Make accurate future sales forecasts based on historical data using modelling of sales history. Sales per item reports, based on sales history, arm you with the information to generate recommendations for manufacturing and sales projections.

Account all expenses

Using fixed and variable cost structures, get the power to account for costs that are not dependent on quantities, such as set-up or clean-down time. Build non-stocked sub-assemblies, allowing a single point of management for common structures that apply across multiple products.

Bill of materials

Manage 1000’s of component parts or materials which can be easily defined and organised into multi-level sections. With no rigid structures required, give your team the freedom to include additional materials during manufacture or to replace defined materials with alternatives.

MYOB Advanced Manufacturing Demo

Gain insight into every corner of your operation. Predict product demand and analyse real-time data with precise ERP reporting. Feel the pulse of your business and get the visibility you need to sell more products and make better decisions.

“The functionality of MYOB Advanced met our many needs including customer special pricing, advanced stock management, a customer portal as well as CRM”. 

Courtney Purcell

General Manager, Codecom