manufacturing execution system

What is LYNQ MES?

LYNQ is reinventing manufacturing execution system (MES) software for Australian midsize manufacturers looking for a configurable, plug-and-play solution to digitalise and drive factory performance. It’s the perfect companion for those using MYOB Advanced.

Visual Scheduling

Including finite capacity, planning, overlapping operations, linking of subassemblies orders to parent orders, grouping of similar jobs and optimisation routines.

Machine Integration

Real-time data collection and tracking of jobs, employees, and equipment. Automatic data capture from machines and other devices, connecting to 140+ industrial drivers.

Businesss Intelligence

World class factory performance analysis with loss visualisation. Dashboards and reports including order fulfillment, equipment utilisation and workforce dashboard.

Effective resource management in a single, plug and play solution.


Reduced cycle times

Connect machines and digitalise your factory with next generation automated shop floor data collection to reduce loss, deliver faster and minimise cycle times.


Increase output

Organise production, minimise changeover and increase resource utilisation. Track, review and reduce downtime of your employees and equipment to maximise output.


Increase margins

Identify, visualise and eliminate loss in the manufacturing process – the key to greater profitability through lower production costs and increased product margins.

“LYNQ is eye candy for us to see where we stand for the day or month. The time we’ve saved in data entry is tremendous.”

Pandu Badam

Manufacturing Project Manager, ACI Services

BusinessHub + LYNQ: a complete manufacturing solution

Gain insight into every corner of your operation. Predict product demand and analyse real-time data with precise reporting. Feel the pulse of your business. Digitalise and drive factory performance to make better informed decisions.

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