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    It's time to get connected.

    The modern NFP organisation needs a whole-of-organisation system to connect all parts of the organisation and power its corporate governance framework, so it can handle the complexities of its operating environment whilst staying accountable to stakeholders and focused on its purpose or mission.

    Whether your NFP organisation is seeking software to help it deliver timely, accurate and highly segmented financial reports to stakeholders, manage its internal approval processes, get full visibility over its funding acquittals, resources, and service delivery, or harness the power of a robust general ledger with detailed segmentation capability, multi-entity consolidation and budget management, MYOB Advanced can provide a scaleable, unifying, cloud ERP platform and become the heart of your organisation.

    Here's what some of our clients have to say about MYOB Advanced and BusinessHub.

  • Advanced Features.

    There’s a more advanced way to grow.

    MYOB has an OEM relationship with Acumatica cloud ERP for the ANZ market to provide bigger and more complex organisations with a more advanced way to achieve their purpose. MYOB adds specific functionality to align with the way ANZ organisations operate and to comply with payroll and tax requirements

    MYOB Advanced Business delivers enhanced visibility and control over your accounts, budgets, projects and expenses anywhere, anytime, all in one unified database.

    MYOB Advanced Core functionality

      • Enterprise-level financial and budgeting features
      • Multi-company support with inter-company consolidation
      • Cash flow forecasting and reporting to manage and understand your cash position
      • A full suite of financial analysis reports, including GST and BAS reporting
      • Fixed asset management
      • Organisational workflow engine lets you define actions and approval requests
      • Screen views that can be customised to match your business process -add or remove fields, make fields mandatory or change their position
      • Interactive dashboards and a full content-managed wiki to quickly provide stakeholders with relevant organisational information
      • Built-in CRM database of prospects, clients, beneficiaries, donors and contacts so you can use marketing lists and email campaigns to stay in touch with them
      • Case management system to track service cases and tasks logged by your clients or beneficiaries through to closure
      • Customer portal for clients and beneficiaries to view knowledgebase information and client statements
      • Payroll with multiple employee pay groups and powerful configuration options

    To get the right fit for your business, MYOB Advanced also connects with:

    The tools you use like and

    The applications you love, like Hubspot and SmartSheet

    The specialty product configuration and inventory management systems you need.

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    Best of breed solutions for more complex needs.

    MYOB Advanced handles most of your organisational requirements out of the (virtual) box. But sometimes complex organisations require best of breed solutions to get the right fit for their organisation.  Here are our recommended specialty solutions for management and project reporting and expense claim management.

    Velixo for enhanced Excel-Based Live Reporting

      Generate Management Reporting Packs.

      By using Velixo Reports in conjunction with MYOB Advanced, you can efficiently generate management and project reporting packs.  You can distribute those reports by email using the Advanced’s built-in CRM that connects to Outlook. Everything you know and love about Excel works just like you’re used to:

      • You’re always working with the most up-to-date data
      • Easily update the cell to see the P&L of another branch or run it for a different financial period
      • Thanks to Smart Refresh, new data is updated quickly, allowing you to refresh even the most complex report in just a few seconds
      • Right-click on any cell and get detailed insight into the data referenced in a calculation. You can drill all the way down to the original document in MYOB Advanced and review any note, activity or file attached to it
      • Multiple companies, multiple branches, even multiple tenants – Velixo Reports can consolidate your data in a single Excel spreadsheet while maintaining full history
      • Branch access rights, as well as account and subaccount restriction groups, are also applied, allowing you to control who has access to what


      Automate your entire spend process.

      expensemanager automates and makes paper free the entire spend process for businesses, its Invoices, Purchases and Expenses modules can be deployed individually or as a package, and all modules integrate with MYOB Advanced so there is no rekeying of data.

      • Receipts are captured and cash claims can be created easily on a mobile app
      • Automatic daily credit card statements are created and smart matched with the right receipt matched
      • Auto coding on common expense types with user prompts to ensure correct and easy coding
      • FBT wizard and reporting
  • Advanced Clients.

    Here’s what MYOB’s clients have to say about Advanced.

    We were really pleased that Advanced met all our requirements,” shared Anne. “Reporting is quite complicated due to the fact we’re reporting for each partner and then as a whole. Thankfully Advanced could handle this. We’re able to give partners read-only access to their instance so they can access reports without affecting the accuracy and integrity of the data… Occasionally we have to produce reports for the health minister or other government officials. We’re able to create these unique reports with Advanced, which is great.

    Anne Merry, Principal Finance Officer, Sunshine Coast Health Institute

    MYOB Advanced is making a significant difference to our business, and we know that adaptations are possible to improve our operating processes as we move forward and provide even better service to our members

    Lynley, Service Delivery Manager, Medical Protection Society

    Advanced is very, very user-friendly,” says Allison. “I love its drill-down capability; the fact that I can click on a link and find my way to a source document without having to flick between modules is very good, as well as the ease with which it works in and out of Excel.

    Allison Southwell, Head of Corporate Services, Breast Cancer Network Australia

    Advanced has great potential to improve our management of NDIS claims,” says Mark. “We have a large NDIS business in multiple states and it’s a very complex area. We were manually reconciling claims on spreadsheets. Advanced will become a central clearing house for those claims. “Our recent performance has been much stronger than before, which I put down to the operational improvements we’ve achieved

    Mark Mulder, CEO, Nextt Group

    Take a look at how NFP organisations are getting connected with MYOB Advanced.

    • Sunshine Coast Health Institute

      MYOB Help Joint Venture Succeed

      The Sunshine Coast Health Institute (SCHI) is a joint venture
      among the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, the
      University of the Sunshine Coast ,TAFE Queensland and Griffith
      University. It is an education, research and training facility. They
      needed a clean and efficient financial management solution
      and for this reason they chose MYOB Advanced.

    • Medical Protection Society

      Professional Services Supported

      The Medical Protection Society Limited (MPS) is the world’s leading protection organisation for doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals. As a long-time MYOB user, when the time came to update its financial management systems, it chose MYOB Advanced.

    • Breast Cancer Network Australia

      MYOB Brings Greater Efficiency tp Vital Support Charity B

      Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) is the peak national organisation for Australians affected by breast cancer and consists of a network of more than 120,000 members and 288 Member Groups. Widely recognised for its innovative fundraising activities, the ever-increasing complexity of managing its revenue streams put serious pressure on its business systems. BCNA moved up to MYOB Advanced.

    • Nextt Group

      MYOB Delivers Sound Corporate Support

      Nextt Group provides support for people with mental and physical disabilities in states along the east coast of Australia, through a staff of 2,500 professionals. The growing complexity of its multi-company structure, which used multiple financial systems, drove the decision to unify its business systems and gain better reporting. Nextt chose MYOB Advanced.


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    BusinessHub was the first to implement Advanced and we're with you for the long run.

    When it comes to choosing an MYOB Partner to implement and support MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP, BusinessHub is worth hitching your wagon to.

    BusinessHub is an MYOB Platinum Partner and a 3-time MYOB Customer Experience Award winner. We were the first MYOB Partner to implement MYOB Advanced throughout Australia & New Zealand. At BusinessHub, we live and breathe MYOB Advanced – we don’t just sell, implement and support Advanced, we also use it internally to streamline our own operations and so we can continue to grow and help our clients succeed.

    Like you, we’re committed to keeping our business competitive. To help us deliver an efficient and high-quality onboarding experience, we’ve invested in developing Advanced Bootcamp. Advanced Bootcamp is an online portal where our Advanced Onboarding clients can access the resources and videos they need to help deploy MYOB Advanced in their business.

    We are in the business of helping businesses streamline their operations and achieve their financial and growth goals.

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    Getting down to the nitty-gritty.

    • What is the main benefit of choosing a cloud ERP solution over an on-premise ERP solution?

      As MYOB Advanced is deployed as a service (Software as a Service or SaaS), your MYOB Advanced system is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and you can access it from any current web browser via your Internet connection using two-factor authentication (2FA) security.  MYOB manages the whole-of-system to remove the IT management burden of hosting your ERP software from your business.

    • How will I be charged for MYOB Advanced?

      MYOB charges a monthly subscription fee based on the edition (Standard, Plus or Enterprise) and number and type of user licenses selected. This fee covers all MYOB Advanced updates and upgrades, hosting costs and additional SaaS benefits such as built-in automated disaster recovery backup with a 30-day retention period.

      Additional charges will apply if you exceed your allocated resource usage limit for services such as storage and campaign emails.  You’ll receive an in-application alert from MYOB if you reach 90% of your allocated usage, so you can choose to increase your resource limits in line with your specific needs.

    • What is the minimum subscription term for MYOB Advanced?

      The initial subscription agreement is for a minimum of 15 months and it is monthly thereafter.  MYOB charges the 1st month upfront, then provides 3 months at no charge, and then charges continue from month 4 onwards. Combining our implementation experience with your commitment and drive, our Advanced  Onboarding program aims to get you implemented and using MYOB Advanced in a live instance within this 3 month timeframe.

    • What if my business needs change and I need to change my MYOB Advanced product edition?

      MYOB Advanced is designed to be a scalable solution to help your business grow, so you can upgrade your product edition and add new users at any time by providing MYOB with at least 30 days’ notice. If you need to reduce the number of your users of MYOB Advanced, you can do so after the initial 15-month initial subscription term, subject to giving 30 days’ notice. However, product edition downgrades are not possible as functionality may have been configured or used that would prevent a lower edition from operating.

    • Where is MYOB Advanced hosted?

      The MYOB Advanced suite is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). MYOB has made a strategic choice to operate MYOB Advanced on the world’s leading cloud IT infrastructure provider who provides a high performing, robust and secure application.

      MYOB Advanced is hosted in the AWS Sydney Datacentre which has been in operation since 2012. The Sydney datacentre is the eighth global datacentre and is based on the successful design of other datacentres that stretches back to 2008.

    • Is my data backed up in some way?

      As MYOB Advanced data is replicated across multiple availability zones, there is a high degree of robustness in the retention of data to guard against failure of any one component. As an additional safety measure, MYOB Advanced data is also backed up nightly. These backups can be used by MYOB to restore the operation of MYOB Advanced should a complete system failure occur. If you wish to also back up your specific data, you can do this by using MYOB Advanced’s snapshot feature and download it and store it wherever you choose. Snapshots can be subsequently uploaded back into your MYOB Advanced database.

    • Can I get my data out of MYOB Advanced?

      Yes! (Unlike many other systems).  In addition to using the snapshot feature described above, MYOB provides a MYOB provides a full data export to Excel that allows clients to have a copy of their data in a non-technical format.

    • If MYOB provides MYOB Advanced as a service, why engage with BusinessHub?

      Whilst MYOB provides MYOB Advanced software as a service, the configuration, implementation and support for MYOB Advanced is done through a network of expert, accredited business partners across Australia and New Zealand.  BusinessHub is an MYOB Advanced Platinum Partner with an award-winning customer experience team.  We implemented the first MYOB Advanced site in Australia, we use MYOB Advanced internally as well, and we’d be delighted to share our Advanced implementation and support expertise with you, so you can unlock the power of MYOB Advanced to help advance your business.

    • How do I know if MYOB Advanced is the right product for my business?

      To answer this question, you first need to identify your key business requirements.  If you’re not ready to talk to us, you can use our Solution Finder Survey to help you with this task. Once you know what you need, we provide you with a functional demo of MYOB Advanced that is focused on your requirements.  Simply talk to us and we’ll help you through the process of evaluating MYOB.

    • How much do BusinessHub charge to implement MYOB Advanced?

      Our Advanced Onboarding and Advanced Lite Onboarding programs use a 3 phased approach to deploying MYOB Advanced in your business. Our fees depend on the scope of your implementation:

      • the Advanced edition that you have chosen to implement
      • the features of MYOB Advanced that you require configured
      • the number and type of users that need to be trained
      • whether you would like full service, classroom-style training or lite-service, online-style training, or a combination of the two.

      Once we’ve given you a functional demonstration of the MYOB Advanced and you’ve confirmed your business needs and the level of training and implementation assistance you require, we’ll provide you with a formal proposal that includes both a quote for the MYOB Advanced subscription fees as well as our implementation fees.

    • How much do BusinessHub charge to support MYOB Advanced?

      We offer 3 Advanced Success Plans to support you and your staff in using MYOB Advanced, as we recognise that every business is different in terms of the level of assistance and the certainty of spend they require.

      The fees we charge for support depend on which Advanced Success Plan you choose, the edition of MYOB Advanced that you are using and the number of your users.  We’ll include pricing for each Advanced Success Plan in the formal proposal we provide for you to implement MYOB Advanced, so you can make an informed choice when deploying MYOB Advanced in your business that takes into account on-going support assistance you may wish to access.

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    To deploy MYOB Advanced in your organisation, you’ll require a combination of Advanced software licenses from MYOB and onboarding services from an MYOB partner like BusinessHub.

    The total cost of you owning MYOB Advanced for your first year will depend on the software features you require, the number and type you have and whether you are interested in a full service or lite service Advanced Onboarding Program.

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