Improve connectivity and empower good digitisation

According to the data found in a recent MYOB study conducted this year, two thirds of ANZ businesses believe themselves to be ‘digitally fluent’ – they know how to best apply digital applications for their businesses.

But the tools just aren’t connecting to each other, holding them back.

What can be done?

At BusinessHub, we believe that nothing should hold back ambitious businesses. Platforms need to offer seamless experiences for all businesses with deep integration on the workflows that matter most, so they can add value to businesses, not diminish it.

We need to work together to create ‘good digitisation’ that enables businesses to see accurate and consistent data across their business systems; to have full visibility across the business to make informed decisions; and can help the business adapt and realise its ambition.

According to Co-CEO of Butn, Real Ross, “Smooth cashflow is critical for businesses of any size, it’s an issue that can cause a lot of stress for many business owners. Butn and MYOB saw the opportunity to solve this core issue and empower SMEs to focus on achieving their financial and growth goals. Key to this was ensuring businesses could access cash quickly, with no bureaucracy or confusing processes through separate systems.

Through the integration of MYOB and Butn’s platforms, businesses can apply for funding of an unpaid invoice from within their accounting software, get paid in as little as three hours, and reconcile invoices all in the same place.

Butn has enabled MYOB’s customers to access an in-platform solution directly from their MYOB workflow – they don’t even need to leave the screen, they just click the button. This seamless integration allows users to share their verified data with Butn for real-time registration and applications, allowing for decisions often within 24-hours.

It’s smart digitisation, and since the partnership launched last year, we’ve seen millions of dollars advanced by businesses taking advantage of this integrated offering. We’re excited for this partnership to help us reach thousands more businesses and help them access the funding they need to survive and succeed.”

Rael Ross,

Co-founder and Co-CEO of Butn

BusinessHub supports businesses at every stage of their digitisation journey 

While many businesses are feeling confident in their ability to implement digital solutions, there is a proportion who can benefit from continued digitisation support. Of the surveyed SMEs, two fifths of Australian businesses and a third of those in New Zealand admit to having little or no understanding of digital business processes.

We also calculated from research conducted in 2021 that 466,062 SMEs – approximately 20% of Australian businesses – are not engaged with digital tools across critical areas of their business processes.

Continued support for initiatives such as the New Zealand Government’s Digital Boost initiative, which is designed to help SMEs acquire digital skills and tools, is crucial. As is further cross collaboration between private and public sector – and within industry – to create targeted educational and skills uplift programs that benefit businesses across all sectors.

Australian and New Zealand businesses who consider themselves to be 'digitally fluent’

  • Australia 68% 68%
  • New Zealand 71% 71%

Australian and New Zealand SMEs who have little or no understanding of digital business processes

  • Australia 45% 45%
  • New Zealand 33% 33%

Example of cross-collaboration


MYOB recently partnered with Master Builders Australia to launch an educational program as part of its Women Building Australia joint initiative with the Australian Government.

The seven-week online Business Resilience program aims to bridge the digital skills divide facing women in construction and boost the business success of women in the building industry.

Good digitisation

Focuses on the workflows that matter most and provides deeply integrated and seamless experiences

We believe there are six main business processes that when digitised, make a phenomenal difference to a SME’s chance of survival and success. They are:

  • Managing jobs – quoting, scheduling, tracking, document management
  • Managing staff – payroll, workforce managementManaging suppliers – inventory management
  • Managing banking and cashflow – invoicing, payments
  • Managing finances and compliance – tax, core accounting
  • Generating revenue – CRM, point of sale (POS) integrations

MYOB continually transforms their business management platform to offer smart, deeply integrated services across these six business processes to deliver valuable, seamless experiences for businesses across ANZ.

Results in more profitable businesses

Based on the research conducted by MYOB, we know good digitisation can make businesses more profitable. Importantly, smart digitisation does not drain money or resources, and ensures businesses only pay for the services they need and don’t waste money on features they don’t currently require.

Empowers businesses to be connected, decisive and adaptable

Connected means businesses:

Save time: seamless automation of manual tasks and data reconciliation

Reduce cost: do more with less subscriptions

Create stronger relationships: better service customers and manager supplier relations

Decisive means businesses:

Have a holistic view: see and manage all business operations and data from one system

Have data integrity: confidence that business data is accurate and secure

Make more informed decisions: using accurate insights, not assumptions

Adaptable means businesses:

Tailor digital tools to their needs: choose and add services as and when they need it

Choose industry-specific solutions: use tech that’s the right fit for their industry

Scale: use tech that won’t limit their growth but help them scale and achieve their ambitions

Overcoming the challenges of disconnection

How can you improve connectivity and become empowered through good digitisation? Your business needs to focus on the workflows that matter most and provides deeply integrated and seamless experiences. 

If you want you businesses to be connected, decisive and adaptable conact us and start the conversation with our enterprise experts. 

MYOB Advanced has given us the ability to see exactly where each part is, what process it is in within our production work centres and how long it will take before it exists and becomes available for our customers. MYOB Advanced future proofs your organisation. It allowed the whole business to open up and gives me data that is up to date.”

Daryl Joyce


MYOB Advanced tells us what we need to know, when we need to know it. The customer is seeing that too. Everything is now flowing from ordering to back ordering, or purchases ordered in. The transparency is so much better – we can deliver better customer service. It makes our jobs easier, and theirs as well”.

Joe Raco

Owner, Threlfall Packaging