Moving away from desktops

As our economy continues to digitise, it’s important businesses don’t risk being left behind by their competitors. Old ways of working are increasingly no longer sustainable in today’s digital, fast-paced world. The good news is that something as simple as hosting your IT on the cloud can start positioning your business as strongly as possible for future growth.

Here are some of the major benefits of adopting a cloud-first strategy.

When the sky’s the limit

As your business systems age, it may be time to start thinking about implementing a new business management solution. 

A quick history lesson. Historically, businesses would install ERP solutions in their place of business in servers. This is known as on-premise. These solutions provided businesses numerous benefits. However, they were highly expensive to purchase and maintain. They were also cumbersome and notoriously diffifcult to upgrade. 

In contrast, the advent of cloud-based ERP systems resolved many of these pain points while offering a number of advantages over on-premise counterparts. 

Below, we highlight some of the advantages of adopting a cloud ERP solution and walking away from the desktop mentality.

Keep data safe

For most companies, a data breach or loss would be catastrophic. The difficulty is keeping up with cybercriminals who are becoming extremely sophisticated in their tactics. A key benefit of cloud-based software is that your data is safeguarded by the most advanced and robust cybersecurity practices in the industry. Cloud vendors, including MYOB’s cloud service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) have optimal surveillance and security systems and the resources and capability to deal with any new threats that emerge. Further, they have a range of fail-safe measures in place, so any system failure doesn’t result in data loss or any unscheduled interruption to your service. As such, you can be confident your company systems can continue to run in the event of a disaster, and that your data is as safe as it could possibly be.

Reduce IT costs

With software as a service (SaaS) provided over the internet, the cloud vendor maintains the software, IT environment, data storage and security. All this is generally included in your monthly or annual subscription fee, which can be highly cost effective versus paying for this work to be done in-house.

Consequently, you don’t need to purchase and maintain expensive servers to store your data or spend more on IT overheads as your business grows. Cloud-based software can offer an all-inclusive service for a fixed price, which can help you reduce your IT costs and free up working capital for other priorities.

Increase operational efficiency

By taking IT management largely out of business-as-usual activities, you can free up time and resources to focus more on the customer experience and on increasing revenues. You may also be able to increase operational efficiency by integrating cloud-based software so data can flow seamlessly between applications. This means less data entry and cross-checking between systems and more workflow automation, resulting in quicker and more accurate business processes. With cloud technologies, you only pay for what you require – you can scale the software up to meet additional demand or scale down to prevent unnecessary overspend.

Creating a better employee experience

With software delivered over the internet and accessible via a web browser, employees can access company data from any device, anywhere, anytime provided they have an internet connection. Many employees value the flexibility to work remotely, often choosing to split their work week between the office and home.

Even with team members in different locations, they can collaborate in real time online via the various software interfaces. This increases efficiency and productivity, while delivering a better employee experience. Flexible work is no longer just a perk offered by the most progressive companies it’s increasingly becoming an expectation across many sectors. As such, utilising the cloud may be essential to remaining relevant and attracting and retaining the best employees now and into the future.

Is your outdated infrastructure holding you back? 

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MYOB Advanced has given us the ability to see exactly where each part is, what process it is in within our production work centres and how long it will take before it exists and becomes available for our customers. MYOB Advanced future proofs your organisation. It allowed the whole business to open up and gives me data that is up to date.”

Daryl Joyce


MYOB Advanced tells us what we need to know, when we need to know it. The customer is seeing that too. Everything is now flowing from ordering to back ordering, or purchases ordered in. The transparency is so much better – we can deliver better customer service. It makes our jobs easier, and theirs as well”.

Joe Raco

Owner, Threlfall Packaging